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Meet Michelle Robinson, Author of Right Before My Eyes

Michelle Robinson, Author

We would like to welcome Michelle Robinson, author of Right Before My Eyes. Michelle is on a Virtual Book Tour, promoting her book. She has dropped by to share why and how she got into writing her first novel.

Welcome Michelle, Tell our readers about yourself? I love music. Compassionate. I’m a great friend, daughter, cousin, girlfriend, hairstylist, poet & thinker. I am a humanitarian. My belief is you owe it to life to give to others. I have a high moral background. I am a dreamer. As long as you have a dream, life should keep you busy. I am a believer that all things are possible. I am also an artist so I creatively think outside the box. I am a go-getter so I don’t take no as an option for me. I am organized to the point that I cannot function in confusion. I can be the life of the party & also like spending time alone. I also love taking naps.

Tell our readers about your journey to writing? I started writing poetry in junior high school. In my twenties, I wanted to write a book. The people I told assumed it would be about hair. That was not my genre and was not my passion as far as writing goes. I had no concept, but I decided when the time came it would be fiction. I felt that I was not experienced enough to make an impact, so I kept reading books. I felt that I needed to learn more about life. So I lived life, kept a journal, and experienced more.

Who or what has influenced your writing, and in what way? I was telling two people a story at different times on the same day and they both told me that I needed to write a book. So I figured that was a sign from God and I started writing.

What has the responses been from those that have read your book? People have said it’s a great book, a page turner; they finished it in 2 days. Some finished it in 1 day.  They couldn’t put it down, was late to work trying to finish it, stayed up til 3 am in bed with my boyfriend  with a flashlight reading it; the characters are well developed, loved the sisterhood of the girls in the book; my readers can relate to these characters; they were shocked at the ending, fending for the next book.

How long did it take you to write this book? 15 months.

How did you feel the day you held the copy of your first book in your hands? The feeling I had was very similar to giving birth. I was full of joy and super excited!

Thinking about your writing career, is there anything you would go back and do differently now that you have been published? Definitely would have done more research looking for a good editor.

Is there any lesson or moral you hope your story might reveal to those who read it? Love and trust God through your storms and trust Him to give you what you desire on His time. Be patient and pray on your journey so you can learn life’s lessons and help someone else along the way.  True friendship should be valued and not envied. Life is not perfect, but it can seem that way with great friends to share it with. Life provides that we are all on the same journey just walking in different shoes. We are searching for that earthly love that we get from God and our parents. We struggle, we make mistakes, we love, we hate, and we forgive. We must also try to accept people who are different from us. This book proves that.

Please tell the readers who are the main characters? Journee Bell, Jordyn Bell, Derrick Long, Chelsea Hendricks, Najah Joseph and Kalena Martin.

What is the conflict in the story? Relationships

Which characters “are you most like? Journee, her mother, Derrick, Pops & Chelsea.

Take us inside “Right Before My Eyes” What are two major events taking place? A wedding & Journee discovering who really is her Mr. Right

Are your characters from the portrayal of real people? Two of them are & some are a combination of many people in one character.

How can people connect with you? Email:

Please give us your website?

About the Book:

Journee and Jordyn are thirty-something year old twins with two totally different lifestyles. Journee is in love with Drew, her high school sweetheart that’s in prison. A phone call from him changes everything. After a fight, she decides to end their relationship and tries to move on but she has unfinished business with Jason, another ex-boyfriend. As she moves forward, she meets Jules who appears to be Mr. Right until all his baggage shows up.

Now Jordyn is living by her own rules but the problem is she hasn’t told anyone, but the drama begins when her secret is leaked on Facebook. She finds herself in a battle with her love life, family, friends and herself. Follow these two as they take their family and friends on a turbulent ride into their lives as they discover they are worlds apart but are forever connected.

Chapter 15 is where you have Journee at a crucial time in her life. She’s 36, single with no kids but ready to start a family. She managed to escape her 20’s without becoming someone’s baby mama. She’s trying to live by God’s rule and is trying to wait to get married first before having children. But impatiently waiting on God, she’s debating on having a child with a guy that she’s still in love with and he just might be still in love with her too. The problem is, he moved out of state without ending their relationship to start a new relationship with another woman. Journee has a feeling that he may be getting married. She even had dreams of receiving a wedding invitation in the mail.  She thinks it may be God’s way of telling her to sit down and wait on Him since Jason hasn’t told her the whole truth yet. Is this Jason’s way of keeping Journee around?  Is she strictly for his entertainment or a back-up plan in case his relationship doesn’t work? Is he regretting leaving Journee and doesn’t know how to end the new relationship? Does he want both women? Why is he willing to have a baby with a woman that he left behind? Are the two women supposed to agree to this arrangement or is the new woman going to dump him and send him back to Oakland? Journee is seriously thinking of having this man’s child. She even went as far as asking her mother, her sister and closest friends their opinions. But all Jason could offer her, was coming back to California every two months to father the child. Journee feels like she is running out of time and options since her very first love and real boyfriend is in prison. Journee’s mother said she should adopt or get married first. Kalena told her to hurry up. That’s easy for her to say since she had a kid out of wedlock. Journee’s twin sister supports her decision to have Jason’s baby. Maybe it’s a twin thing, or an “I want to be an aunt so bad” situation or maybe because Jordyn wants support in return because of her lifestyle. Derrick advised her to go to a sperm bank. Najah told her that she wouldn’t be able to handle having his kid emotionally. Chelsea said Journee’s other male friend, Sean would be a better pick, but he’s just a booty call and won’t offer anything more. Now Journee is normally the one giving advice, you’ll love how she rationalized her own mess and comes up with her own conclusion of what to do.

What people are saying about Right Before My Eyes:

Amazon - Five star rating. I thoroughly enjoyed this read "Right Before My Eyes" and I would recommend it to any one that likes a good romance that is so full of soul, forgiveness, prayer and love. Be ready to take a wonderful ride that will leave you only wanting more. Good Job Ms. Robinson!

Barnes & Nobles - Five star rating. I was on edge of my seat. I also loved the crankberry {cell} phone conversations throughout the read.

Goodreads - Five star rating. RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES by Michelle Robinson was some read that will stay with me forever. Why? Because it was so realistic and emotional that will only leave you saying Wow...what a wonderful read!

About the Author:

Michelle Robinson was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Oakland’s rich culture has laid the fabric for this story. She’s been doing hair for two decades. As a hairstylist, it’s safe to say she has also served as a therapist to her clients. She has heard and witnessed it all right behind her styling chair. From her experiences, she’s given advice to many and has watched people’s lives transition. With this driving force, she has finally penned her first novel. Connect with Michelle on-line at

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