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Summertime - the livin’ is easy and online dating can be too!

The sun is shining; birds; are chirping; bees are buzzing, and the air conditioning is on — summer is here.

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In the world of dating, summer is usually associated with casual flings, while relationships go hand in hand with winter months. After all, the months of October through February have even earned the name of “cuffing season.” However, I would argue that June, July, and August are great months to be single, especially if you are looking for a serious relationship.


When the online dating website and app Zoosk analyzed data from their 40 million users, they found that more people resubscribed in August than during any other time during the year and that August is the second most active month of the year for women, just behind October. They also found July is a “peak time for people trying online dating for the first time,” meaning new people that might be a connection for you.


There are a few practical reasons why single people are more active on dating sites in the summer. First, people tend to be generally happier this season than the rest of the year, which is a great starting point to any date or conversation. Who would not be happier when an outing does not require layers upon layers of clothing or the risk of a blizzard canceling your plans?


People might also have extra time to devote to dating with some time off from work or school, plus extended weekends thanks to holidays like Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. A Sunday night date suddenly becomes something to look forward to instead of a chore, as it might be during other parts of the year.


And while there are always great date ideas year-round, the possibilities for activities in the summer are seemingly endless — like checking out an outdoor winery, going for a walk along the beach (ice cream optional but encouraged), or wandering around a local fair. Even if you and your date do not exactly hit it off, it is hard to have a truly terrible time when you are enjoying the outdoors.


Therefore, you are in a great mood; you have some time in your schedule, and you have exciting ideas in mind — what should you do now to ensure a successful summer of matchmaking.

Well, you might want to think about giving your dating profile a mini seasonal makeover with updated photos, perhaps with a few cute shots. Remember, sunglasses are great, but potential matches do want to see your eyes in your photos. Prop them up on your head like a headband for an instantly casual snap that shows off your face! You may also want to include a little message bait with one of your goals for the season. Try something like, “summer goal: Fly a kite or catch a fish; does anyone have tips?” or “Who wants to join me in finally crossing skydiving off my bucket list?”


Summer is a wonderful time to reset and relax, especially when you get to spend time doing the things you enjoy with friends and family. Moreover, with everyone waking up each morning with an extra boost (thank you, vitamin D … and vaccines); it is also an excellent time to hit the dating scene.


About The Author - Erika Ettin is the founder of A Little Nudge, where she helps others navigate the often-intimidating world of online dating and is available for speaking engagements, media requests, and interviews.

Monday, May 22, 2023

How to Spot Dating Scams on Social Media by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All 

I often receive friend requests on social media. Their reasons for reaching out to me are sometimes questionable. By nature, I am suspicious when the individual says, “I attempted to send you a friend request because I find you very interesting and we seem to have so much in common, but I had trouble doing so. Would you message me and accept my friendship?” Then there is the one who pretends to want to be your friend, who will have images of their children but neglect to give any further details about themselves. I guess you are supposed to be a psychic. Many times, they claim to be a divorcee or widower searching for love, romance, or a lifetime partner. In most cases, these people are con artists seeking your cash.

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Romance scams are more common than you think. Even if you do not use dating apps, a con artist can still target you. The Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker is getting reports from individuals conned through social media. There are signs that will aid you in spotting a fake romance before getting in too deep.

How The Fraud Works

You are scrolling through Instagram or Facebook when you get a direct message from a user you do not know. If you reply, the conversation will start innocently enough. At first, the scammer will claim to share your interests and likely have a social media account reflecting that. For example, if you post photos of your pets, they may claim to be a fellow animal lover. If you share pictures of your children, the scammer may pretend to be a fellow single parent.

Photo by Michael Burrows

The scammer will quickly profess his love for you without ever meeting you in person. However, something is off! Dramatic emergency crops up whenever you plan to meet. For example, your love interest suddenly needs financial support for their sick child. Fortunately, you can help by wiring funds or sending prepaid gift cards.

One social media user told about their experience: "He sent me a DM through my Instagram account and instantly started love bombing me. He promised me we would spend our lives together forever, and he would marry me. l planned to move to New York to live with him. Then an emergency struck, and he needed my help to get home from Barbados. He claimed he was a successful businessperson and a millionaire, so he would pay me back when he returned to the States. It never happened. Every time he was supposed to come to see me, another emergency would happen, and he needed more money from me."

Unfortunately, if you send money to the scammer, it will be gone for good. The person you fell in love with does not exist. To make matters worse, con artists will repeat the emergency scenarios until you realize the fraud or run out of money, whichever comes first.

Photo by Pixabay

How to Avoid Dating Scams

Know the signs of romance swindles. Romance swindles often start with someone who seems too perfect and immediately falls in love with you. The individual may be in a hurry to create a future together, but hesitant to meet you in person. The person will probably tell you they are overseas or in the military and often talk about the importance of trust to gain yours, and may share sad stories to pull on your heartstrings before asking you for money. Any of these tactics is a big red flag. If you notice similarities with someone who has messaged you on social media, think twice about your relationship.

Never send money or personal information to someone you have not met. Refrain from giving a stranger your credit card or bank account information. Do not wire money to or share the PIN of a gift card with someone you have never met. An online "friend" might not even really exist!  In addition, never provide your credit score.

Ask many questions. When you meet someone online, ask them specific questions about the details in their profile and pay close attention to their answers. If they lie, keeping their story straight will be challenging.

Do some research. Do a reverse image lookup of a person's profile picture to see if it appears elsewhere on the internet. Scammers often use the same stolen photos to create fake profiles. You can also search their name, email, and phone number to see if you find anything fishy.

You can do a background check by going to TruthFinder

BBB Scam Tracker is a free tool that anyone can use to report suspected fraud. Your reports warn others so they can avoid similar cons.

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Keep Your Ex Out! | Biggest Threat to Your Marriage

International Romance Author Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku offers pertinent information when it comes to keeping your ex out of your marriage.

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People Share Their Worst First Date by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All

We asked folks to share their worst first date. Some will have you rolling on the floor laughing, while others will leave you gasping.


My date was 40 minutes late, so I left. Much later, I get a bunch of texts and posts about how I was a horrible person and a slut for not waiting for him.


I went to go pick her up and while chatting at her place we ended up staying just talking for about 50 minutes. I actually need 50 minutes because I timed it. She literally spoke for 48 minutes straight about her mental illnesses, her ex-boyfriend, family drama, falling out with her friends, and everything that was going wrong with her life she shared with me. Mind you, this was the first time she and I met in person.


Photo by Terricks Noah

I met this girl. She was a local in our town. I decided why not she is cute so I will talk to her. From the moment, I started talking to her, she was rude and had a general distaste for men. I stopped talking to her, and then it was like a split personality. She would then be nice and say sorry for how she acted, well a bit of back and forth of this and she wore me down. I am the one that agreed to a "date" just to shut her up. It was the most awkward "date" because I was just waiting for her to explode. We only talked for a few hours and then I was like, "well this was nice, but I have to get up early for work tomorrow. Maybe we can do this again." Therefore, I left. The next morning there was an explosion with her calling me every name in the book and being very insulting as if she had a genuine hate of men. I blocked her and never felt better. LOL


One time, after a date, rather than a kiss or a hug, a man shook my hand. It was very sad and limp.


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I do not know if this counts since it was hours after our date, but the man I went on a date with got a little too intoxicated and wound up falling asleep during intercourse. I mean DURING intercourse. 


Met a man at the bar, knew he was older but was not sure how much older. We wound up hitting it off, and I went home with him. He had told me his kids were home but sleeping soundly. Turns out, he had several kids, his oldest being 19 (I was 21 at the time). Long story short, I went to high school with two of his kids. I literally snuck out of his window in case they recognized me.


Photo by Terricks Noah

Woke up at a man’s house and he offered me a shirt (so nice right? Chivalry is not dead… so I thought.) Anyway, he was in his closet for like 10 minutes. I was as confused, as to why he was taking so long to pick out a shirt. That is when he turned to me and said, “I just can’t find a shirt that screams, ‘See you never.’” I have never been so humbled.


After what I thought was a lovely date, I dropped him off at his house. He got out of my car, turned around, and threw a whole ass Philly Cheesesteak and a large Dr. Pepper at my face through the window. Turns out, he was on drugs. I sent him to rehab. There was no second date.