Monday, April 24, 2017

When a Relationship Is Over, That Ship Has Sailed by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
Some people go into a relationship with their eyes wide shut and have to learn, early on, that not all hook-ups will end happily ever after. Yet, someone will continue to force a person to remain in a union that is not working and probably never will, no matter how hard a man or woman may want the bond to continue.  When’s over, it’s over. Don’t dwell over spilled milk, and never jump into another relationship until you’ve given yourself enough time to analyze why the relationship ended so badly, and what lessons can be learned from the breakup.

Whatever bad issues you had with an ex-lover, leave it in the past. You know the saying: “We were two ships passing in the night but not taking it any further was probably the best move he or I could have made.” Most likely, you have given a lot of thought to this catchphrase.

We meet someone for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime. A lifetime is majestic but it may not be eternal for some couples. And that’s okay. When you meet someone who is amazing and the attraction is so strong that the two of you end up becoming an item, thinking that he or she is going to be an everlasting soul mate, but then you discover, for whatever reasons, that the excitement ended fast and on a sour note. It’s time to go your separate ways and hope the bad memories won’t force you to make the same mistakes again. When a man or woman says “It’s no longer working,” believe him or her. Life is too short to waste your time and energy on someone who no longer wants to be with you and was only in it for a speedy fix. When the thrill is gone, put a period behind it and move on.


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Monday, April 17, 2017

Virtual Book Tour - Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club by Dakota Fox

Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club
by Dakota Fox
Genre: New Adult/Contemporary Romance

Hello and welcome to my world! My name is Dakota and like you, I have a desire for some good romance and it’s my personal experience that led me to put this series together. Picture Desperate Housewives meets Real Housewives, all wrapped up in The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. Sound good? Let me give you some background.
I grew up in Las Vegas and now live in Los Angeles. Like so many, I had the big dream. I wanted to be in movies and I wanted to be famous. I was optimistic; a friend of mine had a friend, who knew someone, and so on. I was all set and the plan seemed easy. All I had to do was be good at my job, meet celebrities, make contacts and make it big!
My referral got me a job working in one of the most intimate places in Hollywood. I had an in and became a server and assistant in an elite and celebrity sex club known only to those wealthy and well-liked enough to have the honor. I was hired to serve guests and help make things comfortable; no, I do not indulge or partake in the goings on, that’s reserved for members only. It was an excellent opportunity and being a model back home, I felt like I was halfway to fame already!
However, if you haven’t heard, Hollywood is not that easy. Day after day reality hit and before I knew it, it was year after year. I mean, I’m still a beauty, or so they tell me, but the reality is that today I’m not so optimistic that I’ll see my face on the big screen. It seems my opportunities for fame went out the window the closer I got to the secrets I was privy to. Instead of finding stardom, I found that people with wealth, status, and popularity start to shy away from those who have seen too much. That would be me.
And so I’ve taken my passion to the page and believe me, I have enough to fill it for years. These stories are all based on real people made up of celebrities and the Hollywood elite. People talk a lot and I am writing what I’ve come to know, filling in the blanks where I need to. I’ve seen what goes on behind-the-scenes in “tinsel town” for quite some time now; I’m talking about actors, singers, artists and even politicians. No athletes though, they weren’t allowed in the club. The members needed the financial background, integrity, and intelligence to be let in and frankly, the athletes, in general, were a flat out risk.
I’ve changed the club name and character names of course, and since I do not go home with these people you can expect my own dramatization there based on what I’ve learned. My intent here is not to be vindictive in any way and I am not trying to ruin lives or take down the latest on the A-list. No, I simply want to tell the truth while exploring my creativity.
This series takes you into a steamy world, based on insider information and created with a bit of a twist. We have social elites in a luxury world, and a posh sex club with some big egos and fierce competition.
The secrets begin with the lives of “Rachel, Harper, Sloane and Lexi” but with so many members over the years, there is so much more to tell. I invite you into their stories.
Sloane Temple is the hot, blonde babe of the group. She’s all sunshine and personality, and more woman than most would even know what to do with. Behind the kinky fun and flaunting though, there is much more to Sloane than one could guess just by looking at her. Born and raised in California, she is married to Dylan and the two have made themselves known throughout California before landing in L.A. She gets roles here and there and his famed plastic surgery practice is growing by the minute. They love each other but their true passion is to be loved by others and admired.
Episode One takes you inside this exclusive world of extravagant money, power and the erotic life of the club. Rachel and her very special group of close friends are the high-class main event. In their luxurious and limitless lifestyles of fame and money, they strive to maintain their position as an elite group of high-powered and very sexual social

Dakota Fox, Author
Dakota moved to L.A. with the same big dreams as many Hollywood hopefuls do. What she found may not have been a position on the A-list, but what she did find was much more interesting. She is an artist of sorts spending her time writing and taking pictures when she is not working at "the club".
In the Celebrity Secrets series, Dakota brings her wit and creativity to the page to tell the true stories of what goes on in the secret and erotic world of the stars. Please also visit her on Facebook.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Two Renditions of The Song: The Prayer

We had the opportunity to hear the song, The Prayer performed by the duet Nyasia and Joseph B. Clarke, and by Marcelito Pomoy.

Thank you for listening and enjoy.

The Prayer (Cover by Nyasia and Joseph B. Clarke) English/Italian

Marcelito Pomoy sings "The Prayer" 
(Celine Dion/Andrea Bocelli) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

Which rendition did you like? Please, make your selection in the comment section.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Join The Havana Takeover Tour is a new platform where people of all colors and backgrounds can travel and stay at welcoming and affordable places with respect, dignity, and love in over 130 countries.

And now you can join them on their 5 Days/4 Nights Cuba Adventure, taking place during the Memorial Day Weekend from May 26-30, 2017.  

For additional information on this trip and to reserve your spot, Click Here.