Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Know You Will Never Get That Loan Back by Miss Know It All

There is a saying, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Most of us have lent money to our lovers, friends, acquaintances and family members. If we got that money back, we were fortunate. However, in most cases, this is not the norm but the exception, and many lenders will never see their money.

Even if you have the borrower sign a promissory note, chances are you will have to fight tooth and nail or take that person to small claims court to receive your hard-earned dollars.

To avoid drama and anguish, look for the following clues that will articulate, “You can kiss your money goodbye.”

-I will pay you back when I get my tax refund.

-I will pay you back when my school loan comes through.

-You will get your money when I receive my workmen’s compensation.

-I was laid-off, so I will not be able to pay you right now.

-Here is a post-dated check; do not cash it until next week. Most likely, the check will bounce.

You get the picture. So, the next time someone ask you for a loan, either give them money and write it off as a gift or just say,” No!”

Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Don’ts For The First Date

There are always lists of what to do on your first date but never what not to do. There are many things to cover on your first date and you want to make sure that it goes well for both parties. For a successful and fun first date be sure that you avoid these 7 don’ts:

Don’t go to the movies: Planning the first date to contain dinner and movie may be the easiest planning option but don’t do it. Not only is it cliché to head to the movies but it’s uncomfortable. The purpose of a first date is to talk, have fun and get to know each other; you can’t do that in a dark and quiet movie theater.

Don’t pick up: Always offer to meet your date at the date location. Sharing one’s home address before getting to know each other isn’t always the wisest thing. Once both parties are comfortable with each other and sharing personal information, offer to pick up or get picked up on the second date.

Don’t drink too much: Depending on your alcohol tolerance and duration time of your date, limit yourself to two or three drinks. Getting tipsy or drunk on the first date is a great way not to land a second date. Plus your inhibitions are lowered and you may make decisions you don’t want too.

Don’t mention your ex: There are some things your date doesn’t need to know on your first date like your ex or your last tragic date. Keep these kinds of conversations for later dates when both parties are headed towards commitment.

Don’t touch: Some people tend to be over touchy when they are nervous or excited. For example, lots of touching of the shoulders, hands and arms. Keep your hands to yourself to prevent the other person feeling violated.

Don’t chew with your mouth open: Table manners are best when used on the first date. Watch your elbows, use your napkin, say thank you and chew with your mouth closed. One of the top reasons second dates never get planned is because the other party had bad table manners. Now sit up straight.

Don’t overdress/underdress: Men sometimes underdress and women tend to overdress. To help you prepare your wardrobe for the date, do your research. Find out where you are going before hand and either call to find the dress code or visit their website to get an idea what is appropriate.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to Know When a Relationship is Heading for Trouble by Miss Know It All

Searching for romance is challenging, but maintaining a healthy, honest and loving relationship can be problematic. How often do you hear people say, “If only I had been more astute to the warning signs, or “I can’t believe how foolish I was to remain in such a toxic relationship for so long.”

If a relationship is not working, eventually a person will have to come to terms and move on. Many men and women make missteps while searching for love. If a person begins to date an individual, this is the time to listen to that inner voice and make notes of certain situations. The idea is to recognize these blunders and nip them in the bud before the union becomes a disastrous or dangerous state of affairs.

For your own peace of mind, follow these in-your-face warning signs:

If you meet someone on the internet, never invite that individual to your home until you have done a thorough background check, and never give out personal or financial information. That man or woman may end up being a con artist or one of the FBI’s Most Wanted.

Never be so needy that you would go after someone who does not give a damn about you or anyone else.

If a person refuses to talk about himself, walk away. Do not assume that the individual is an introvert or the strong and silent type.

If your dinner date forgets his wallet or is always short on cash, he is probably flat broke and busted, and you will most likely become his financier.

When your significant other receives phone calls from strange women in the middle of the night and tells you, they are his cousins and you believe him, then anyone could probably sell you a mansion in Beverly Hills for one dollar.

If you catch your significant other, in the middle of the night, kissing another woman in your home, and he says, “Honey, go back to sleep, it’s a dream” and you go back to bed without questioning him, than someone could probably sell you an island for two dollars.


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Monday, September 03, 2012

How To Online Date For Beginners

Your friends and family have finally convinced you to log on, sign up and create a dating profile. It’s okay we have all been there before. Online dating is simple and fun once you master a few of the do’s and don’ts.

Use a legit site: There are many different online dating sites that offer ‘free services’ for their members. Be wary of these kind of sites because of hidden fees and the kind of ‘love’ people are looking for on these sites. Using a well-known site that requires a fee weeds out those who are not serious about finding a relationship via online.

Be honest: When it comes to creating your online dating profile and answering questions that will help match you to your potential mate, be honest. Don’t kid yourself and answer truthfully, don’t hold back. Also when it comes to things like your body measurements and dislikes/likes are honest. No one wants a surprise when meeting for the first. Skip using dated photos and use current pictures.

Talk beforehand: Once you are matched, try emailing a few times and talking on the phone before setting a date. You want to make sure that your chemistry is there once you meet face to face. Some people can read differently online, so be sure to pick up that phone and talk. With that said don’t discount someone because it was an awkward first phone call, give it a time or two. Everyone is nervous in this process.

Frist date: When planning a first date, keep it fun and short. Plan to drive separately and meet at the location of your choice. A fun first date would be something like a wine tasting, one on two cooking class, miniature golf or just for drinks. Allowing for a shorter first date will come in handy if either of you are feeling uncomfortable. Avoid dates that are too serious or don’t allow you to be yourself.

Safety first: Never give out your home or work address (or any personal information) before or on the first date. Opt to meet your date for the first date or two until you get comfortable. Plan first dates in public places and always tell friends and family where and when your date is and who are with.

Online dating can be fun if you are prepared for what happens next. Chances of you meeting someone pretty special are high. Be patient and don’t get discouraged if you keep finding yourself on first dates only. Be yourself and have fun, happy dating!


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