Monday, July 16, 2018

New Funding for Filmmakers

Are you working on a feature film in development or pre-production? Then the Caribbean Film Mart is the perfect opportunity for 10 Trinidad+Tobago filmmakers to meet one-on-one with, and pitch their feature film projects to international film producers, sales and acquisitions agents, forging partnerships that can lead to the production and distribution of your films.

Plus you can win cash prize sponsored by BP Trinidad and
Tobago for the Best Pitch. The Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2018. 

Visit their website for submission details.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Getting Involved with a Married Person Can Cost You

Recently, there was an uproar regarding a celebrity who is involved with a married man, and many on social media were accusing her of being a homewrecker. Although the man is supposedly legally separated from his wife, it doesn’t mean he is legally divorced.

Many people may not be aware of this, but in some states, a spouse can sue a third party who interferes with his or her marriage or is responsible for the failure of that marriage. This is known as Alienation of Affection. Usually, the individual will sue the cheating spouse’s lover but even family members, clergy, therapists and counselors who have encouraged a divorce have been sued.

When it comes to which states a person can sue for Alienation of Affection, at the present time they are Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah.

So, before you get involved with a married man or woman, check your state’s laws by clicking here.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Make Tonight A Movie Night

Make tonight a movie night by ordering A WOMAN OF HIS OWN - A fresh, new Urban Sci-Fi Romance Comedy written & directed by Dan Adams. This remake of a popular Twilight Zone episode is told from an urban perspective with an ALL BLACK CAST

Synopsis - A screenplay writer, Geoffrey West, has the unique ability to bring his characters to life. But when Geoffrey's wife, Veronica, finds out he has created a mistress, she is determined to ruin his story.  Available now On Demand from Vimeo, this hilarious short film Stars Brandon J. Shaw, Jennifer Marie Lawson & Madeleine Wood. With your purchase, you get behind the scenes footage of the movie & footage from their NYC Film premiere.

Only $5 to rent & $6 to own. Click here to order tonight!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Our Love Challenges Scrapbook is Now Available in the USA

The Our Love Challenges scrapbook has been launched in the USA!

After getting successfully funded on Kickstarter (view campaign), the scrapbooks have been bulk printed for couples in love and shipped to an American warehouse in
Florida. It took a while, but the scrapbooks are now finally on sale.

David Makovský and Vít Libovický
Founders David Makovský and Vít Libovický believe 'Our Love Challenges' will be as successful in the USA as it is in Europe, where more than 10.000 copies have been sold.

If you would like to participate in their affiliate program by promoting Our Love Challenges on your blog, you'll get a 40% commission on each sale. (The book costs $39). If that's something you're interested in, feel free to email them. They will be more than happy to send you a FREE COPY

Should you be considering writing an article about the founders or promoting their book (just putting it out there!), they will be happy to provide you with all the info you might need.

You can also check out their Press Kit

Monday, June 18, 2018

Miss Know It All Answers Your Questions on Dating, Love, and Romance

Miss Know It All

Do you believe in love at first sight and why? AK

As to whether I believe in love at first sight, I can’t really say that I do. I think it is more of an infatuation or attraction to that person. Sometimes it is called lust. You can be turned on by someone but whether it is love, at first sight, has a different meaning depending on the person and what you are really seeking.

Have you ever had a horrific breakup and, if so, how did you handle it? SG

I have never had a horrific breakup, but you may find this post helpful:

In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake most people make after a breakup that inhibits that person from moving on? S

I find that many people will stay stuck on the reasons why the relationship ended rather than learn why it didn’t last. The following post may help answer your question:

Do you have specific rules for dating, if so what are they and what are the benefits of using them? A

If it’s the first date, the only rule I have is to remember it is just a date, period.

When going on a first date, what are the types of questions one should ask? V

That’s a tough question; it will depend on your objectives, but you may find this article helpful as to questions you should never ask on a first date:

What has been the best experience you have had on a first date? A

There were never any expectations that something more would happen on that first date.

In your experience, what is the prevalent difficulty singles find when making an effort to find a partner? CB

I believe that many singles have unrealistic aspirations when it comes to choosing a partner, for example, looking for that ‘perfect man or woman’ which can be a disappointment when that person doesn’t measure up to your wishes.

Which type of relationship has a better chance of endurance, a composed relationship or one filled with fervor and why? V 

This is a good question and will vary depending on the wants and needs of the couple. I believe for any relationship to endure, there should be a combination of both, filled with passion, respect, compassion, and understanding. I know of couples, who have been together for over 25 years, and they will tell you that for a relationship to sustain, the couple should have the same values and objectives along with a give and take attitude.

What was it that drew you to this specific theme for your blog? V

Someone else on this site had asked a similar question. It was a way to introduce my now defunct online dating site. Before I started my blog, I had published two newsletters that featured advice on dating, relationships and other topics of interest that were sent through snail mail. Once I got on the Internet, I started a blog in 2001 titled HMCS Romance International, which was geared toward people searching for adult contact. In 2006, I decided to start One World Singles Blog as a way to advertise and market my online dating site, but now I am concentrating on my blog.

If you would like to know more about my getting into introductions service, please check out my Book: Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out of Online Dating at the following sites:

Barnes and Noble:

What are some ideas of how a person can deal with the lure of contacting a one-night stand? J

I am not sure if I understand your question. Are you asking what you should do to encourage a one-night stand (which I don’t recommend for various reasons) or how to avoid someone who wants to just have a one-night stand?

What is the appropriate course of action for dealing with people who have misrepresented themselves online? T123

If you are talking about someone misrepresenting him or herself on an online dating site, you can contact the dating site directly or if you are in the USA, contact the Attorney General’s Office in the state where the site is operating. Most dating sites will deny any type of responsibilities or liabilities if you decide to meet someone online and you become the victim of a criminal act perpetrated by that person.

What do you want the world to know about you and how do you hope to impart this information to your blog? J

I have always believed in sharing information that improves the quality of life among individuals; when I help others, I am also helping myself. I will never forget when a close friend said, “If you don’t share the power, you will lose it.” And this is how I share what I know, whether it is through my writings, books or through the positive and life-saving messages found on my Tees.

Which social media sites have you used to promote your blog posts and why have you chosen these specific sites? A

I use Facebook and Twitter because these networks automatically feed my posts, which are available to my followers and friends. I am on Facebook more often because there is no limit to the number of characters you can use when making announcements.

How does a person handle a horrible first date after matching and interacting well with the person online?

Some people will never show you who they really are on an online dating site, which can be different when you meet that person face to face. You will have to decide if you just want to have a pleasant online connection only, but if your interaction with this person turns out to be bad on your first date, you may want to nip it in the bud and not see that person again.

What was one of the most heartbreaking things you have had to write about on your blog? MP

I made a decision to never write about heartbreaking stories on my blog. The mission of my blog is to provide informative, fun, and entertaining articles. Now, if you are interested in reading some fictional heartbreaking stories, you can check out my books at the following sites:

Due to the diverse range of your topics, have you ever considered writing a self-help book and why? B

Funny you should ask this question. Back in 1982 while I was on jury duty, an editor with a well-known book publishing company thought I should write a book on home management since my degree is in Home Economics. At that time I was not interested in writing a book. That was the furthest thing from my mind. However, something had happened that made me write Making Dollar$ And Cents Out Of Online Dating, which is not a self-help book, but the trails and tribulations I had face while starting an online dating site. But it may help someone who is contemplating on starting an online dating or any online business. But to answer your question, I have no intentions of writing a self-help book since this is not a passion of mine. I love writing stories that involve people who are searching for love and up with broken hearts and financially broke. In other words, my books do not have happily-ever-have endings. And these are the books I enjoy writing.

What safety measures do you use to secure your blog from hackers? D

I use McAfee software, which is excellent for blocking hackers and other threats. My blog is on Blogger and my web browser is Google Chrome which is good when it comes to blocking hackers.

Have you ever had an individual comment on your blog about an urgent life-threatening situation, if so how did you respond, if not how would you respond? @F

I have never had this issue regarding a life-threatening situation. Since I am not an expert when it comes to life-threatening circumstances, I would encourage that person to contact law enforcement or a professional who specializes in that particular threat.


To have your questions answered, please send your inquiries to - and in the subject areas, please type: Dating, Love, or Romance question

Monday, June 11, 2018

Meet Sandile Nene, Founder of Blogging for Love

Sandile Nene, also known as Sandy, popular fashion, lifestyle and entertainment blogger started We Blog for LoveSouth Africa’s very first blogging community where he and a group of influential South African bloggers share blogging tips and interesting content.

After realizing fashion wasn’t his true passion, Sandile moved from being a fashion student to becoming a freelance writer and has worked with South Africa’s biggest blogs and online magazines to shape his way towards entertainment reporting and celebrity interviews. With strong established connections created and maintained throughout the entertainment industry, he found himself doing freelance PR work for people who have made appearances on Generations, joined Gagasifm, and Isidingo, which segued into his founding Sandy Nene Media, a Digital Media and PR service provider.

For additional information, please visit his site at or connect with him at the following social networks:







Monday, June 04, 2018

360 Magazine - A Publication for the Trendsetters

360 is an edgy fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine that will introduce cutting-edge brands, entities and trends to tastemakers within their respective communities. Their founding members have over 30 years of collective experience both as notable talent and uber professionals within the realm of fashion, music, art, design and entertainment. 360 is more than just a magazine comprised of journalists, representing a movement of social awareness and change.
The magazine is LGBTQIA friendly and is contemporary in its look and appeal. Quality art content is the constant goal. The magazine will be entertaining, newsworthy and thought-provoking. It will appeal to a broad entertainment readership. No magazine like 360 is available today, constantly showcasing racial and sexual ambiguous talent and artists.
For additional information go to

Monday, May 21, 2018

The Love Scam That Preys on Your Fears by Vivienne Diane Neal

Just when you think you have heard all of the scams out there, there is always another one waiting in the wings.  And this particular scam does not occur on the Internet but through the postal service.

It begins with an official-looking typed letter sent to couples, pretending that someone has been discovered cheating, and that affair will be exposed unless you pay to keep it hidden, but you already know you and your spouse have been faithful throughout the marriage. But if you haven’t been faithful, you’re probably wondering how this individual knew you committed adultery.  

In a third of all marriages, one or both partners have admitted to cheating. The scammer will capitalize on those numbers by mailing official-looking letters, as bait, to get your attention, and most likely you will open the mail and read its content. The odds that a couple will receive this type of letter through snail mail are pretty low and are done by process of elimination. Therefore, if the con artist sends out that official-looking letter to ten people, chances are two to three people receiving that letter have actually cheated on his or her spouse. The scammer will then threaten to expose the affair by demanding a hefty amount of money and if the person doesn’t pay, that individual will suffer the consequences.

Because that cheater may feel guilty and doesn’t want his or her debauchery to be out in the open, he or she will pay and will be asked to send the money through Bitcoin, which is done anonymously. This means you may never be able to track this person and report him or her to the proper law enforcement agency because the process is done in complete secrecy.

If you ever receive this type of letter, whether you cheated or not, forward it to the FBI because blackmail, a form of extortion, is a criminal act.


Source: CBS News, April 6, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

3 Ways To Save Your Marriage Starting From Today by Carol James

Marriage can be very adventurous if you understand how to play by the rules, there is a way to making things work in our home today, and your understanding of it will go a long way to help you save your marriage.

Many people jump into the institution called marriage thinking it will all be rosy all the way. They have been blinded by the many movies and romantic novels that have read, but the truth is marriage is not all beds of rose because it involves a lot of hard work from the two parties involved.

I am going to show you the three ways to save your marriage starting from today, and I strongly believe that this article will help you save your marriage if you found yourself on the brink right now.

Step 1

Analyze: It is very important that you take time out to analyze and think through what brought you and your spouse to the point where you presently found yourself. The point is that no human being will just be misbehaving without any cause, you need to find out the reason for the sudden change in the attitude of your spouse and make a commitment to change if you found out that you are the one that is wrong.

Step 2

Communicate: This is the most important aspect of saving your marriage. If you cannot get your spouse to tell you what has actually gone wrong or what the problem is, then there is little chance that it will work out. No matter how hard you analyze and think through, you still need to sit down and talk with your spouse if you really want to get the root of the whole matter.

Your ability to get your spouse to talk to you will go a long way to get both of you out of the woods and puts you in a better situation.

Step 3

Listen: Ensure that you are not trying to pick out the part where you want to say what your spouse has done wrong but rather listen to what your spouse is saying. Listening is the most important point of effective communication but not only talking. Your ability of listening will go a long way to save your marriage.

Following the above three steps will go a long way to save your marriage and ensure you save your marriage from divorce.


About the Author: Carol James is a writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and writes articles, reviews on the different actual subjects. So, if you have any questions regarding the writing, feel free to ask her and visit her company’s page EssayLab.