Monday, August 27, 2012

Sugar Walls by Mysti Holiday


When Emilie is dumped by her boyfriend, best friend Jack Voss offers a shoulder and a place to live--the other side of his duplex. He’s always there, fixing her problems, her car, her sink. Emilie doesn’t know what she’d do without him, or with the feelings she’s having for him. His shoulder doesn’t just offer comfort anymore; his touch is a turn-on. Their shared wall is the only thing keeping them from sharing a bedroom—and fanning the flames might risk breaking something that Jack can’t fix.


Emilie hadn’t lied about the leak in her pipes.  Just like she hadn’t broken her dishwasher, or the leg off her couch, or the alternator in her car on purpose. But, to be honest, it was almost a relief when those things happened, because they gave her an excuse to see Jack.

She’d called him first thing this morning when running water for her coffee had resulted in puddles beneath the sink. He’d come over the first chance he’d had and now he was on his hands and knees on the linoleum looking at the pipe that oozed moisture, oblivious to the woman behind him who was also soaking wet, albeit for an entirely different reason.

His ass looked good enough to take a big bite out of. Emilie couldn’t help herself; it was right there, sticking out from under her kitchen sink, and she had to clench her hands into tight fists to keep from grabbing it. Still, that didn’t keep her mind from wandering, and when one of his hands reached out for a wrench, she pictured it on her, cupping her breasts, thumbs circling the rosy buds. Instantly her nipples puckered, as tightly clenched as her hands, and her crotch dampened even more.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Mysti Holiday is the pseudonym of a very busy SAHM who dreams of warm climes and hot bodies.  Most people know she writes, but not what she writes about:  sexy men and the wanton women who love them. She's married to a wonderful man who happily sacrifices himself for research, and she spends most of her days dreaming of interesting and unusual situations in which to place her characters.  But most of all, she's a sucker for a happy ending.


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Monday, August 20, 2012

Does True Love Mean Romance? By Sharon Evans

Sharon and her husband Rick

Being a year and a few months into my second marriage, I must say that living with true love isn’t necessarily romantic. While I have a one-woman man devoted to me, one with whom I have lots in common and care deeply for, there is little about our relationship that is typically romantic.  This is the one thing that people in our day and age, and for perhaps two or three generations, have stumbled over on the road to happiness. The excitement, flight of fancy and hormonal rush of dating is what we imagine will continue in marriage but fades as the routine of daily life kicks in.  But if we have chosen well, what remains is what matters most: a relationship where we have the willingness to give, to serve, and to share what is precious to us with a mate who feels the same.  We’ll also have enough of the important things in common to make daily life enjoyable.

But most important is the willingness to give--a must in every relationship, but especially marriage.  Out of desperation for companionship, even the most selfish person can show generosity to the point that it resembles love. This is why the old fashioned courtship rules were put in place.  Heard of them?  Meet the parents (they’ll spot a phony a mile away), the long courtship (you can only fake it for so long), intimacy stays in check (sex–especially if there’s a child, bonds you to a jerk forever).  Having family and friends acquainted with the prospective mate, the person whose head is in a romantic haze might avoid countless years of misery just by listening to their counsel. If the family isn’t too dysfunctional or the friends too weird, it can actually work!

Speaking of romantic haze, it’s important to keep the candlelight and thrills on hand, even if only on occasion.  We need it to keep ourselves from finding it elsewhere.  But when life seems naught but drudgery, we should learn (as I am doing) to see what kind or what level of romance we do have and appreciate it.  Mine leans toward the broader sense.  My husband and I are in show business.  That alone is romantic.  We met on stage and together we have more than we ever had working solo.  It’s rough going at times, and though our life generally lacks flowers and candlelight, where we’re going we’re going together.  I guess that’s pretty romantic.  Yeah.  That’s not bad at all.


Sharon Evans is the author of The War This Side of Heaven trilogy and ongoing series.  Connect with her at

Copyright 2012 Sharon Evans.  All rights reserved.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet Tori Tolbert: A Love High

Tori Tolbert, Founder of Three Words Video Matchmaking Agency

As founder and CEO of Three Words Video Matchmaking, Tori Tolbert brings flare and chemistry to the world of video matchmaking.  Love is always a requirement.

Tori Tolbert was playing matchmaker for many years.  Her initial experience with matchmaking came with her very close friends.  After much support and encouragement, Tori launched the Three Words Video Matchmaking Agency in 2011, an upscale video matchmaking service located in Austin, Texas.   However, what makes this service unique is that all members must have a video profile and updated photos on file at all times. 

Having worked as an executive and in sports management, Tori found it convenient to have a video and photo profile of all members.  This style of matchmaking provides a pre-selection process for her members.  Due to the strict confidentiality policy, videos and photos are never posted on the website.

 “While many people settle and hope they fall in love, that is not acceptable and we discourage it.”  “Our winning strategy is: knowing its love, feeling its love and accepting its love.” 
The Three Works Video Matchmaking Agency is structured much like an executive recruiting agency.   From the application process to the one on one interview, they decide if the individual fits their membership profile before being invited to join.  Unlike other matchmaking companies, their clients are professional men and women from all walks of life.  Clients retain the Three Words Video Matchmaking Agency to assist them in finding the perfect match. This is accomplished through an extensive telephone interview, a membership application and a one on one interview.  The interview requires the potential member to discuss their personal lives, goals, values, lifestyles and their idea of a perfect mate and of course love.  There is no substitute for the classic face-to-face meeting.
Contact Information:
Tori Tolbert, CEO/Founder
Three Words Video Matchmaking
(512) 763-7434 office
(512) 983-8685 cell

Monday, August 06, 2012

Body Language

Sometimes what people say and what they do are two different things. I find this especially true with men. I think of myself as a pretty good body language reader. I may not always be able to tell you what, exactly, they are doing, but I can tell you what they are thinking. Their eyes, their hand motions, even the way they are standing tell me what they are thinking.

Now, there are some extreme examples. One man I dated had a huge disconnect between his body language and his higher thinking. He was very smart, but very unaware of what his body was saying. Take, for example, his flirting. The man flirted unconsciously! He leaned forward as he spoke, touched my hand or my arm, and brushed my knee with his, all while talking about something completely unrelated. Then, when I laughed and brought it up, he looked shocked.

“I did?” he asked, looking down to find his hand on mine. 

Of course, neither of us protested, but I found it amusing. Eventually, however, I had to confront him about it. It caused him a lot of problems, in his dating and his business life. After all, if you can’t control your body broadcasting what you are thinking, you are going to end up offending or aggravating a lot of people. Everyone could tell when he was annoyed, thought you were dumb, or just plain impatient. He came off rude, not matter what he said, because of his body language.

You wouldn’t think something so simple would be so hard, but it can be. Be aware of what signals your body is sending, especially when you date.

Author  Byline:

Monta, the mother of three children serves as an Expert Advisor on multiple household help issues to many Organizations and groups, and is a mentor for other “Mom-preneurs” seeking guidance.  She is a regular contributor of “”. You can get in touch with her at