Monday, July 30, 2018

Wine Tasting Corner

Want to do something unique for your summer entertaining? Ever consider having a wine tasting party? You may choose to have several of the same kind of wines made by a variety of wineries or a variety of wines from a single winery. Following are some hints to help make your wine tasting gala a sip to remember!

The rule of thumb is to provide separate glasses for each person for each wine to be tasted. However, a tasting may be conducted with one glass for each person providing the glass is rinsed between wines. Stemmed plastic glasses are ideal if you wish to provide separate glasses. Unflavored crackers and water should be served so your guests can clear their palates between wines. Begin with chilled white wines. Place each bottle in a brown paper bag and number them. Pour an ounce or two in each glass, so each taster has an adequate amount to judge. Have a large bowl on hand so guests can discard untasted wine. You’ll be judging three things: appearance, aroma and taste appropriate for the type of wine which all sum up to an overall opinion regarding the wine.

 Appearance - The wine must be clear. You can then go on to judge on other characteristics such as brilliance and density of color.

Aroma - According to the experts, 90% of wine tasting is done with the nose. Give two or three short, forceful sniffs. Examine first for the smell or a distinguishing scent of the grape and then for the bouquet. Any strange odor will automatically disqualify a wine.

Taste - Take a sip, pull it back in your mouth and roll it around the tongue. You will be able to distinguish sweetness, sourness, and bitterness, which result from the amount of tannin present in the wine. You will then decide if they are in balance for the wine you taste. Together with the taste of wine you should have a “feel” of the body of the wine in your mouth - full, medium, or light.

Conclusion - Now that you have done all of the above, you are ready to come to a decision. Which wine did you like the best and the reasons for your choice?

If you wish to taste a variety of wines and live near or plan to visit California, check out the following wineries:


Article reprinted in part from Wine Tasting Corner published in Gourmet News, August 1984.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Books That Make Great Summer Reads

Following are some stories that will make those sweltering days seem like a cool day on the beach. There is something for everyone: mysteries, crime stories, romance, legal drama, psychological thrillers, and poetry.

Enjoy your summer and happy reading.

Black Ice: The Family Bloodline by Charlotte Marshall-Murray - Nala Jordan is back with her diabolical antics.  This is the final series to Ice 1, 2 and 3.

In The Spirit of Murder  by Laura Belgrave - An unpopular woman detective lands the case of a medium who was viciously murdered on Halloween.

Halloween Jeopardy by Laura Belgrave - This short story is a prequel to In The Spirit of Murder, introducing you to the 12 year old Claudia Hershey. You don’t have to read this narrative but it will give you a better understanding as to how an incident that occurred on Halloween directed Claudia to become a police officer.

Running in Plain Sight & Other Stories by Charles R. Butts, Jr. - Touches on courage, hope, faith, forgiveness, healing, and redemption.

Burden of Proof: An Emili Jones Paralegal Mystery by Tina Glasneck - Separated from her micro-cheating husband, a woman applies for a receptionist’s job at a law firm, ends up being hired as a paralegal, but has no experience in law.

There is Sunshine After The Rain: Making it Through Life’s Struggles by Patricia A. Saunders - Engaging, informative, and inspirational tidbits that explore the author's life journey from the past to the present.

A Story of Betrayal by Michael Smith - A small town captain investigates a missing person’s case.

Bear Country and Murder by Michael Smith - A burnout city cop accepts a job as a deputy in a small Alaska town, where murder is supposedly uncommon.

A Small Town with Big Secrets by Michael Ace Smith - A family, clouded in mystery, moves from England to a small town in the USA.

Revenge is Thicker than Water by Michael Smith - A couple on vacation stumbles upon a crime scene with a missing woman’s name scrawled across the wall.

Full Circle by Michael Smith - An inspector goes after a depraved criminal who believes he can avoid getting caught.

Violence Knows No Boundaries by Michael Smith - A newly appointed sheriff is faced with solving a gruesome murder case in a rural town.

Murder in a Small Town by Michael Smith - A local girl is found mutilated in a sleepy little town in Yorkshire, England.

Monday, July 16, 2018

New Funding for Filmmakers

Are you working on a feature film in development or pre-production? Then the Caribbean Film Mart is the perfect opportunity for 10 Trinidad+Tobago filmmakers to meet one-on-one with, and pitch their feature film projects to international film producers, sales and acquisitions agents, forging partnerships that can lead to the production and distribution of your films.

Plus you can win cash prize sponsored by BP Trinidad and
Tobago for the Best Pitch. The Deadline for submissions is July 31, 2018. 

Visit their website for submission details.

Monday, July 09, 2018

Getting Involved with a Married Person Can Cost You

Recently, there was an uproar regarding a celebrity who is involved with a married man, and many on social media were accusing her of being a homewrecker. Although the man is supposedly legally separated from his wife, it doesn’t mean he is legally divorced.

Many people may not be aware of this, but in some states, a spouse can sue a third party who interferes with his or her marriage or is responsible for the failure of that marriage. This is known as Alienation of Affection. Usually, the individual will sue the cheating spouse’s lover but even family members, clergy, therapists and counselors who have encouraged a divorce have been sued.

When it comes to which states a person can sue for Alienation of Affection, at the present time they are Hawaii, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Utah.

So, before you get involved with a married man or woman, check your state’s laws by clicking here.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Make Tonight A Movie Night

Make tonight a movie night by ordering A WOMAN OF HIS OWN - A fresh, new Urban Sci-Fi Romance Comedy written & directed by Dan Adams. This remake of a popular Twilight Zone episode is told from an urban perspective with an ALL BLACK CAST

Synopsis - A screenplay writer, Geoffrey West, has the unique ability to bring his characters to life. But when Geoffrey's wife, Veronica, finds out he has created a mistress, she is determined to ruin his story.  Available now On Demand from Vimeo, this hilarious short film Stars Brandon J. Shaw, Jennifer Marie Lawson & Madeleine Wood. With your purchase, you get behind the scenes footage of the movie & footage from their NYC Film premiere.

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