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That Person You are Dating is Probably Married - How to Recognize the Seven Warning Signs

Often we read or hear about men and women, who have met someone, fell madly in love, and became physically and emotionally involved with that person, only to discover that the individual they trusted the most was married. There are always warning signs when relationships are built on dishonesty. Do people consciously or unconsciously ignore these signs?

Whether they realize it or not, people who cheat on their spouses always give themselves away, and cheaters will avoid telling the person about their marital status because they want to maintain a back street liaison or have their cake and eat it too. In other words, everything is hidden and kept in the dark. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can protect yourself by recognizing these seven warning signs, what they may imply and facing them head on:

Warning Sign Number One - The person who never invites you to their home will probably have the following excuses:  She or he is sharing a room with several roommates who keep a clutter and dirty home. The roommates are loud and obnoxious, and you would be uncomfortable around them. The individual would be too embarrassed to invite you to their pad. That person is probably married with children.

Warning Sign Number Two - The person can only see you during the week, usually one day a week, because he or she works long hours on the weekends. When the person gets home, he or she is just too tired to see you or go out with you on a date. The individual is spending the weekends with the spouse and children.

Warning Sign Number Three - He or she will never take you out to a restaurant or accompany you to special events or family gatherings. The excuse will be, the person does not enjoy eating out and would rather have a home cooked meal. He or she will even go so far as to bring the food and cook it in your home. The individual is shy around too many people or does not enjoy being around crowds. The person is afraid someone will recognize him or her and expose their dirty little secret.

Warning Sign Number Four - During the holidays, he or she will suddenly have to leave town on business or will disappear for a while. While you are sitting home alone sipping wine and crying your eyes out, your “lover” is vacationing with the spouse and children and is having a fantastic time.

Warning Sign Number Five - The person will give you a cell phone, mobile or beeper number but will never give you their home phone number.

Warning Sign Number Six - You never meet the person’s parents, relatives or friends. The reason given: He or she is a loner and on bad terms with the kinfolks, or they live in a foreign country or were raised in an orphanage.

Warning Sign Number Seven - The person does not have a home address but a post office box. The reason given: He or she travels maybe ten months out of the year and constantly lives out of their suitcases and spend their time in hotel rooms, so a permanent residence would not make much sense. It would be too costly.

When it comes to the warning signs, I am generalizing here. These signs do not necessarily mean the person you are involved with is being deceitful or dishonest. The focus here is on men and women who have been in long-term relationships and may have had these sentiments. As the saying goes “If it acts or looks too good to be true, the individual is probably living a lie.”

Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet Joi Miner, Author of Vices

Joi Miner, Author
Vices - The debut novel by Alabama Author Joi Miner
Page Count: 320
Genre: Erotic Drama
Publisher: Nayberry Publications
Release date: October 31, 2014
Preorders available: September 24, 2014


Everyone wanted a piece of Bonnie, but no one could… until Bonnie was at peace with herself.

Fresh out of an abusive marriage, 25-year-old Bonnie Jones is on a mission to recapture the youth her ex-husband, Keith, stole from her. With her young daughter, Zion in tow, she has to rebuild her life from the ground up. She finds solace in her poetry journal, cuddling with Zi, and the ability to leave her pain on the stage at the weekly open mic poetry readings.

When she has an itch she needs scratched or longs for companionship, she has her choice of partners to help soothe her suffering. Her one condition: they don't spend the night. After Bonnie falls asleep, her demons have their way with her. Eventually, they begin to invade her waking hours and no amount of writing, sex, or time with Zion can keep her from having to face them.


Five Things to Know About Author Joi Miner

When did you know that you were destined to be a writer? I have always loved to write, but I think I realized I was meant to do more with my writing when I started to get paid to write poems for my classmates in middle school and high school. It was around that time, too, that my creative writing teacher tried to get me suspended for plagiarism, because she said my writing was too good to have been written by a high school senior. I figured that could have gone one of two ways, I could have taken it as an insult and never written again or I could have, as I did, take it as a compliment and use it as motivation. I dedicated my first poetry collection to her.

Tell us a little about Vices?  Vices is an erotic drama. The main character, Bonnie Jones, takes you along on her journey to rediscovering herself after leaving an abusive marriage. You get to see her get into some very interesting fixes, get her heart broken, and find herself massaging away the pain and case of the lonelies by entertaining the company of the opposite sex. Vices is what I like to call “autobiographical fiction.” It’s my life with a little bit extra thrown into it. It’s a very raw story, but I feel like it’s relatable. We all have been where Bonnie is or know someone who has.  It’s my first novel and was picked up for publication by Nayberry Publications. It’s set to be released on October 31st of this year, my 33rd birthday. *Gasp I just told you my age*

Now tell us something personal about you. What is your favorite color? Blue. When I was in kindergarten, they told me that pink was for girls and blue was for boys. But, I liked blue. I’ve made it my business since then to wear as much blue as possible.

Do you write full-time or do you have another profession? I wish I was a full-time writer. For the last two years, I have been employed with Sykes powered by Alpine Access as a full-time work at home Customer Care Professional. I am also a full-time English/Creative Writing student at Southern New Hampshire University Online in my Senior Year (Class of 2015. Woohoo!). As if that weren’t enough, I am Owner and Co-Founder of a small for-profit company, Poetic Advisory, LLC.

What was the best advice you have received as a writer? The best writing advice that I have ever received was to never take writing advice. Lol. Everyone is different. No one can tell you how to be your most original self. There are even debates about the basic writing techniques, so you need to find and do what works best for you.


Find Joi Miner on her personal website:

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Instagram @joihen
Twitter @joiminer
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Also visit my publisher, Nayberry Publications’ website and Facebook pages:

Let everyone know where they can find your book.  Vices will be available on Amazon, and

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Meet Ronald Gordon, Author of A Daughter’s Rage

Ronald Gordon, Author

Five Things to Know about Author Ronald Gordon

When did you know that you were destined to be a writer?  At age five, I used to write stories about my day at school. The kids that were nice to me, I would make them heroes and the bad kids would be villains that we kicked out the school. I used to write about everything happening around me. My mother had a few psychic friends that would say I was born a writer and one day would become a famous writer. So, I guess you could say I've been writing as far back as I can remember.

When did you finish your first book and what’s the title? The Price of Life was completed 1980 but never published. A Daughter's Rage was completed in April 2014.

What is your favorite color? I like white because it's clean and pure. I'm kind of a clean freak. When thinking about furniture and decor, especially bedding, I like white. When it comes to clothing, I prefer darker colors, especially suits.

Do you write full-time or do you have another profession? Depression knocked me out of work in 2005. In the height of my depression in 2006, I was inspired by a Facebook friend to pick my pen back up. I did just that a week or so after that conversation. Doing that broke the seal on a buried passion. In writing, I found solace and peace of mind, while being physically and mentally abused by depression. I haven't looked back since, and can't imagine not writing.

What was the best advice you have received as a writer?  I once told the late Maya Angelou I wanted to be a writer and what I was saying was that I wanted to be a published writer. She told me, "Then write baby and remember the passion you put in will come out."'


A Daughter's Rage is available now on Amazon.

Get Social with Ronald:

Twitter: @mrkick316
Pinterest: @mrkickrg
Facebook Fan Page: Ron Tha Writer
Facebook Personal Page: Ronald Harvey Gordon

Monday, October 06, 2014

Amazon Authors Can Now Directly Connect With Their Buyers, Thanks to Amazon List Network

What if authors could know, and directly connect with those buying their books? Until now, the one unknowable, for authors on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and other online booksellers has been: "Who's buying my books? How can I directly connect and network with them?"

Now, authors can do just that. How? the answer is clear: Amazon List Network. ALN makes it clear they are not officially associated with Amazon; iFOGO wholly owns Amazon List Network, and the and .org domains.

ALN's Mission is to make it possible for the author/buyer connection to take place, by the placement of the ALN Logo inside/on book jackets, and select book manuscript pages. The logo, placed in eBooks, is directly linked to the author's custom ALN profile/group on the Amazon List Network. Print books provide the web address where buyers may connect.

Authors are able to: Zero-in and target buyers to their Amazon (and other bookseller) presence; Invite buyers to ALN where they can interact directly, and know when an author's next book is coming. Authors may also locate buyers, and plan signings and other events in their geographical area.

Furthermore, authors may invite buyers to ALN where they can interact directly; get to know who their Amazon Buyers are, by networking with them; make them special offers, and providie information they cannot get elsewhere.

Consider the number of authors and the millions of books on Amazon. The fact is, with ALN, authors may market their entire Amazon Catalog without the clutter. It's like doubling their Amazon Catalog and more; by selling directly from Amazon, and their own ALN website.

Simply put, authors may paste their Amazon Widgets on ALN (Amazon List Network), and get their own dedicated page they design to suit themselves.

The list of advantages is endless: including blogging, posting photos, videos, forums, discussions, book-trailers, posting excerpts, private email without SPAM. and more.

Best of all, membership in ALN, Amazon List Network is completely free.

Because there is power in numbers, buyers are attracted to a network where they can connect with authors, join the author's group or circle, get previews of their coming books; exchange messages, and more —none of which they can do on Amazon, Smashwords or any other bookseller site.

While many opportunites exist to help authors improve sales, and build a following, Amazon List Network offers more than we have seen elsewhere. Facebook is not the answer, neither is Twitter or other high-profile networks. ALN is personal.

See complete details at:

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