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Announcing Urban Books, Authors, & Writers of America’s Top 100 Authors of 2017

UBAWA's Top 100 Authors is an annual list published at the end of every year to celebrate the many talented authors whose work often goes unnoticed. Congratulations to the following authors below who were nominated and chosen by readers as UBAWA'S Top 100 Authors of 2017.

UBAWA'S Top 100 Authors of 2017 will be published in the 24th issue of the UBAWA Magazine and featured in the next edition of Who's Who in Urban LiteratureIf no one else takes the time out to recognize the hard work that many independent authors put in day-to-day, they will. It's been their mission and commitment since 2010 and they are happy that you and thousands of others can join them in giving these authors their props.

Antoinette Deshon-Spencee
Ashleigh Davidson
Beverly Love
Brenda Stokes
​Charles Burgess
Chicki Brown
Denora Jefferson Boone
Desirae Turner
Erica Franklin-Carter
Fatima Munroe
India Lindsey
J Asmara
Jessica Wren
Kellz Kimberly
Marina Chestnut
NaKoreya Roberson
Natisha Raynor
Nicole Crankfield-Hamilton
Nigeria Lockley
Niyah Moore
Paree Trenae
Rikenya Hunter
Shaniya Dennis
Simone Quick
Thaila Gardner
Tyanna Coston
Vivian Blue
Ylonda Nichole

Ashantay Keys-Titus
Beverly Turner
Brandy Echols
Brandy Hunt
Carlos Torres
Dean Swift
India T. Norfleet
Jazmine Wright
KC Mills
Keith Kareem Williams
Kia Meche
KR Bankston
Ladii Koko
LaDonna Marie
Lakesa Cox
Linda Scott
Linette King
Melissa St. Julien
Michelle Moore
Myrealle Rhym
Octavia Taneka Grant
Pamela Valentine
Phoenix Rayne
Raynesha Pittman
Renee Wallace
Sonovia Walker-Alexander
Sultana Sams
Theresa Hodge
Toy Toy
Yasmine Cooper

Arebia Morgan
Brenda Hampton
Brii Taylor
Bryant Sparks
Christina Deer
Delizhia Jenkins
Gabrielle Hobson
Jaquel Jacobs
Kensisha Rose
Kimberly Conner
Kimeatta Matthews
Michael A Thaxton
Misty Holt
Nikki Taylor
Nisha Brown
NL Hudson
November Sinclair
Shakela James
Shawn Starling
T'Ann Marie
Tela Allen
Theresa Ann
Tiffany Taylor
​Tisha Andrews
​Tracey Knight
Tywanda Johnson
Unique Waterfall
Valarie DeShazier
​Willie LeBlanc
Yvonne Nicolas
Zaji Zee

Brookelyn Mosley
Caryn Lee
Chan Fossett
Clever Black
Danielle T. Preston
Denetria Gibson
Dymond Mahan
Dr. Nikki Rountree
James Turner III
Laquita Cameron
Lewanda Jackson
Kiara Neufville
Lola Bandz
Mesha Mesha Clark
Monique Hill
​Myia White
Natavia Stewart
Pamela Campbell
Ra'Mone Marquis
​Shakema Haygood
Shay Renee
Sheena Binkley
Tabeitha Pollard
Tamyra Griffin
​Tanya Deloatch
​Terrie Branch
Tiffany McGee​
Tina Marie Turner
Treasure Malain
T'yanna Woods
Xaviera Jones

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Blog Tour - A War of Hearts by Karen Lynn

Blog Tour
A War Of Hearts by Karen Lynn
Jan 15th – Jan 22nd


Three troubled souls tangled in a web of obsessive love.

Logan is poison and Kristen knows it.
She has developed a hatred for his decadent increasingly risqué lifestyle. Yet every time she tells herself she’s done, it never is. His hypnotic power over her draws her back like an addiction.

Logan’s tenuous grip on reality is crumbling. He feels like he is reaching out for an elusive source of fulfilment. Sometimes he finds it in deviant sex, alcohol, and drugs. Other times there is only darkness. Rich, powerful, handsome, he could have anyone he desires. But he’s obsessed with Kristen and will not let her go.

Jake is a struggling artist with a powerful determination to follow his dream.
But he is another beautiful mess. On a quest to find happiness and rebuild his life, he longs to escape the shadows of his past. But first, he must defeat the unrelenting nightmares in his head.

When fate brings Kristen and Jake together, it rattles their worlds. Love is not in their plans that day in
Central Park, but there is no going back.

Now, Kristen finds herself caught between two wildfires, Jake and Logan. When jealousy and explosive passion erupt into dark obsession, vengeance is all that is left.

Teaser One 

Teaser Two 

Teaser Three 

About The Author 

Karen Lynn, a native New Yorker has always loved writing poetry and short stories with intense characters struggling to find love and survive in a troubled world. After years of working in the legal field, Karen moved with her son to Oregon. Inspired by the rain and Portland’s creative culture, Karen has been able to follow her dream of writing novels. 

A War of Hearts is her debut novel in this dark romantic suspense series of the same name.

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Innclusive Travel News

Innclusive has announced the launching of their branded line of properties with all amenities sourced from women of color at

Their inaugural Zora concept was launched on
November 16, 2017 in Washington, D.C. with more on the way!

Zora properties include the following:
  • All amenities sourced from women of color
  • Blow-dryer with comb
  • Large shower caps
  • Flat iron for last minute touch ups
  • Satin pillows to keep your hair and skin vibrant
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • Neighborhoods hand-picked for your safety

Click to check out their inaugural Zora concept at

Available to book HERE

Join the discussion HERE

Monday, January 08, 2018

Important Announcement - Closing One World Singles Online Dating Site

After weighing in on our options when it comes to the services and products we provide, we have decided to close our One World Singles Online Dating site. It was a great ride but with all of the dating sites online, it is hard to compete with thousands of sites attempting to reach the singles’ market. We have been bringing singles together since 1986, which started out as a mail order introduction service and morphed into a worldwide online dating service.

We are now going to concentrate on maintaining our One World Singles Blog, selling our books and T-shirts.

We would like to thank all of the people who have supported us on our dating site, but eventually, all good things must come to an end.

If you would like to know how we got into the dating business, you can order our book, Making Dollar$ And Cent$ Out Of Online Dating at the following sites:

We are looking forward to bringing you interesting advice and articles on how to maintain good relationships, tips on dating, and finding romance in the 21 century as well as other topics of interest.

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