Monday, February 29, 2016

The Best Online Dating Sites

We asked some of our friends on social media the following question: From your online dating experiences, which online dating sites would you say is the best, when it comes to benefits offered, i.e. membership fees, ease in navigation, niches, type of payments accepted and any other information that may be of interest to those who may consider joining an online dating site?

But one person offered their prospective on finding the right dating site:

It all depends on what you are looking for. Do you have a budget? Or do you want to go down the free route? Do you mind filling out online questionnaires, then describing what you are looking for in a partner? Or do you prefer a quick swipe to the left or right and a fast date? Are you looking for a long term partner or something more casual? There are many different options to choose from, it all depends on what you want. If it all seems bewildering then choose a dating reviews blog and research what they have written about the different dating sites that are out there and what they have to offer. There are many different dating reviews blogs out there, some write about one niche, some offer a more general out-look and cover many different niches, but most of the leg work is done for you, depending on what you want out of the dating site. So when it comes to the best one's out there, it all depends on what you want, then go from there. - It is totally free. And they are really selective about who they let in. - Is one of the best dating websites in United Kingdom. - It offers Free Gold Membership

If you are in Germany, - Is the best dating site. - It has a lot of Portuguese speaking members, but also has a lot of members from around the World. - Is one of the best dating sites. They match you based on three things: Western Astrology, Chinese Zodiac, and Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment. It is completely free to sign up and there is also a free mobile app. - Is one of the fastest growing relationship sites on the internet. - Offers its members cutting edge technology.

And we can’t forget to mention our dating site, One World Singles - An eclectic dating site. It’s the coolest place to meet the nicest singles from around the world. All colors, ages (18+) religions, ethnicities, niches and lifestyles. Browse through thousands of profiles, upload your own photo and personal details, see who is online, meet your soul mate, instant messaging and begin having fun!  If you are seeking marriage, love, dating, companionship, a soul mate, friendship, online romance, an activity partner or just a pen pal, then this site is for you.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Release Book Tour - Join Cait Reynolds, Author of Angel Hands

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Sometimes, it is best to begin at the end. 

Angel Hands, by Cait Reynolds, begins at the end of The Phantom of the Opera, revealing, for the first time, the true story behind Leroux’s fantastical tale and the real fate of the Phantom himself. 

When the Opera de Paris is purchased and renovated, years after a mysterious fire nearly destroyed it, the Phantom finds himself unexpectedly resurrected - in the form of a young boy hired by the manager’s daughter to play pranks on the cast, crew, and audience. After all, the return of the infamous “Opera Ghost” can only be good for ticket sales, and Mireille Dubienne is determined to see her father’s investment become profitable. 

Plain, shrewd, and proud, Mireille pours the rage of her disappointed hopes and looming spinsterhood into helping her father manage the Opera de Paris and making it a success. 

What she doesn’t count on is the real “Opera Ghost” deciding he no longer wishes to be an understudy in his own domain, the theater that Mireille believes is hers. 

The Phantom and Mireille push each other to the limits of their cunning to control and manipulate each other, with no game too low to play. With each passing day, the stakes get higher, until surrender is no longer an option for the Phantom or Mireille. 

Every trick and betrayal drives them toward a startling truth that will change more than one life forever: you can’t love what you hate…but you can desire it. 


Cait Reynolds
Cait Reynolds lives in Boston area with her husband and 4-legged fur child. She discovered her passion for writing early and has bugged her family and friends with it ever since. When she isn't cooking delicious meals, running around the city, rock climbing like a boss, or enjoying the rooftop deck that brings her closer to the stars, she writes. Reynolds is able to pull from real life experiences such as her kidney transplant, and her writing reflects her passion for life from having to face the darkest places and find the will to laugh.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Do You Write YA Books? Or Like to Read Them?

Join The Romance Reviews YA books at YA INSIDER their sister site that caters especially to young adult books. 

YA Insider offers a consolidated portal for all information on Young Adult books. With YA Insider, they aim to provide pertinent information on the world of young adult books right at your fingertips:

·       Find out new and upcoming YA books, even before they hit the bookstore,
·       Read reviews and recommendations, and participate in discussions about your favorite YA books,
·       Get the latest buzz in and around the YA world, and check out the latest scoop from the authors themselves.
·       Participate in contests and events to win attractive prizes
·       And many more!


Each author will have his/her own page, which includes the author's bio, list of books, buy links and other stuff.


Joining YA Insider is free and open to all authors, publishers, reviewers (including aspiring reviewers), and avid readers who are keen to participate in all the events and activities hosted on the site. While a basic membership account needs only email verification before the member can start to post comments, author, publisher and reviewer accounts need to be further approved. Please allow two to three days for processing.

All members who sign up with YA Insider may participate in all the events, contests, giveaways, and other activities hosted on the site. They may also post comments on the books and reviews that have been published.

Join them now in their soft launch and
 get 25 credits that you can use toward ad promotion: 


Monday, February 08, 2016

Meet Precious LaTonia Williams, Founder of Curvy Girlz Lingerie, LLC

About Curvy Girlz Lingerie, LLC

Curvy Girlz Lingerie is the premiere lingerie destination for curvy women.  Based in Brooklyn, New York, the company was started when Precious L. Williams, Esq. was unable to find beautiful, stylish, and fashion forward lingerie for her curvy, size 28 figure.
She knew that she was not alone in her quest.  Polling her curvy friends, Precious was shocked to see that the lingerie choices for women her size were often black, beige and white.  What’s a BIG Girl in the City supposed to do?
Changing the game, Precious wanted to celebrate her fellow full figured divas and plus size fashionistas.  Her lingerie comes in a variety of colors, textures, styles and patterns.
If you are looking for lingerie that’s red-hot, stylish and fresh, check out  They are having a Valentine's Day Sale:  15% off with coupon code:  VD2016
Curvy Girlz Lingerie also hosts a number of house parties throughout the Tri-State area and has Stylists located throughout the country.
Curvy Girlz Lingerie, LLC is the ultimate shopping experience for curvy women.

About Precious L. Williams, Esq.

Precious L. Williams, Esq. 
         Precious L. Williams, Esq. is a 37 year-old, full figured diva on a mission:  to celebrate the beauty of curvy women in all that she does. 
As an African American woman who was a size 28, Precious was not often able to find beautiful, stylish, fashion forward lingerie in her size.  So she decided to start Curvy Girlz Lingerie, a dynamic brand that caters to her fellow full figured divas and plus size fashionistas.  Her goal is to be the premier lingerie destination for curvy women.
Precious L. Williams, Esq., is also a successful New York based attorney, teacher, mentor and motivational speaker.   She is a Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude graduate of Spelman College and Rutgers School of Law-Newark.
A gifted orator, Precious has been a keynote speaker at a number of fundraisers and corporate training events.  Additionally, she has won several business pitch competitions in New York City including the Harlem Business Alliance’s 3rd Annual Business Plan competition, the 1st Annual Perfect Pitch contest, and the Workshop in Business Opportunities Executive Summary and Elevator Pitch Competition.
On May 16, 2013, Precious also became the 2013 Black Enterprise Elevator Pitch Champion in Columbus, Ohio.
To learn more, check out


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Curvy Girlz Videos

Monday, February 01, 2016

Virtual Book Tour: Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships by Lorie Ann Davis, MA, CRS

Relationships are something we are all a part of. They bring us comfort, happiness, and unity. We are part of work relationships, friendships, families, and, of course, romantic love relationships. Every relationship takes time and effort. They require give and take to keep them strong. Sometimes we are able to maintain a connection with others for years, and sometimes people move in and out of our lives rather quickly. And—let’s face it—sometimes our relationships can cause us grief, stress, or frustration. So why do we work so hard to make someone else happy? Why do we endure the stress and compromise? Simply put, we long to feel connected to another human being. Those connections, though sometimes difficult, can ultimately affect how we feel about our work, our lives, and ourselves in general. We want to feel needed, loved, and cared for. As well, we long to provide that for someone else, which is why we seek intimate relationships. Creating and maintaining an intimate relationship can be one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives, but just like every other relationship, it requires effort and sometimes guidance.

When it comes to our intimate relationships, we all want a relationship that others notice and envy, a relationship that stands the test of time, one that is unstoppable. You know—that couple that seems to be so close, in love, and happy. You have no doubt that they are completely in love and committed to one another! We can all have that kind of relationship, but it doesn’t just happen; it takes work, commitment, and know-how.
Bringing two people together from varying backgrounds with different personalities to form a family can bring its own set of challenges. No one teaches us how to have a relationship that is strong and healthy or how to have a relationship full of love and passion. Some are blessed with positive role models such as parents or family members that have strong foundations full of respect and love. This can offer insight into what they may want in future relationships. Others aren’t as fortunate and may be exposed to unhealthy, unhappy relationships that ultimately end. Those people may think that a healthy, lasting relationship is impossible and that marriage is not supposed to last. They may believe that they cannot maintain that level of happiness over time with one partner, a mindset that is simply not true.
The ultimate goal of any intimate relationship is to get to a point where there is balance between friendship and passion, what I call the unstoppable stage. I believe that most people are satisfied with a good relationship because they do not believe anything more is possible. They really feel that they have it all and do not know any better, or they do not believe that anything more is a realistic expectation.
Sadly, those people enter a stale stage in their relationships. They may be communicating well and managing conflicts, but they are missing the passion that they desire. Or perhaps the intimacy is there, but they are not communicating effectively, and conflicts are creating a wedge. Or perhaps they feel stuck in their relationships, feeling like there is no hope. They may feel like their partners will never change, so there is nothing they can do.
One person can shift the relationship, and it can be either partner. You have the power to change your relationship for the better. This book will show you how. That said, I’ve written this book primarily for women who want to proactively enhance their relationships, with or without the buy-in of their partners. Ladies, I encourage you to share this book with your partners. Men reading this book can find value in it as well through gaining a better understanding of themselves and what is important to them. They will learn valuable information about how women think and what they want from men, as well as tools to better communicate with you.
This book will unmask secrets and provide you with tools that you can use immediately to start out on the right path or to find your way back to the place where it all started. I talk throughout the book about the characteristics of men and women. I am speaking in general terms that apply to most men and women. I do realize that not everyone fits into the mold. Some men and women may be atypical. If you find this true about your situation, that is okay. Relationships work just as well if the roles are reversed in some areas, as long as both partners are in agreement. You can still use the information in this book to create an unstoppable relationship. Yours just might look a little different on the outside. The underlying principles of the book will still apply to you.
You will learn how to communicate effectively with your partner and why the way men and women think can be crucial to how you relate to one another day-to-day and in the bedroom! You will learn how to break the cycle of waiting for your partner to make changes in order for your relationship to improve. YOU have the power to change your relationship. Relationships can be complicated, but yours doesn’t have to be. With just a few secrets, you can create a relationship you deserve, the one you have always dreamed of but weren’t sure was possible, one that is unstoppable!
The first step is to learn to become the best partner you can be. This will take work on your part. You will have to examine your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. Which ones are not moving you forward on your path to the relationship you desire? This takes intention and soul searching. You will become not only the best partner you can be but also a happier person in the process. By becoming the best partner you can be, you will bring out the best in you and your partner.
Does this sound like the kind of relationship you would like to have? My hope is that by now you are interested enough and willing to consider that this is a possibility, even for you. I promise you that it is attainable, and this information will help you create the relationship you have always desired but were not sure was possible. This book is the combination of years of research, hours spent working with clients as a counselor for over twenty-eight years, and my own personal life journey.

About the Author

Lori Ann Davis, MA, CRS
Lori is a Certified Relationship Specialist – Speaker- Author- Radio Host
Lori has a unique and passionate approach to love and relationships and believes that everyone deserves and can have the relationship of their dreams. Her mission is to provide you with the skills you need to have the unstoppable relationship you deserve.
She has over 28 years’ experience empowering individuals and couples to live richer, happier lives. She has an in-person private practice in Charlotte, NC and also provides relationship coaching by phone to people throughout the United States. Her practice spans the spectrum from dating and singles to working through divorce to renewing long-term marriages.
In addition to workshops, classes, couples’ retreats and a local singles group, Lori’s has a talk radio show called “Real Talk with Lori Davis” on Ivyberadio.
She is the author of Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life.
Born and raised in New Orleans, she has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of West Florida in Pensacola. For more than 20 years, she was a mental health counselor practicing individual, marriage and family therapy in Florida.
Now living in Charlotte, Lori is the mother of three daughters and is proud to home school her two youngest.
Information about all of Lori’s coaching services, other products, blogs, radio show and events can be found at

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