Monday, December 30, 2019

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Tips For Couples When Choosing A Mattress by McKenzie Dillon

Choosing a mattress you’ll love for the next 8+ years can be stressful enough, let alone finding one to accommodate two people. When couples are in search of their perfect mattress, you want to make sure you follow these three rules so you make sure neither you, nor your significant other is sacrificing any sleep. 

1.) Find An Appropriate Firmness Level
You always want to take your sleeper type into consideration when you’re shopping for a new mattress, and it isn’t any different when you’re searching for a mattress to share with a loved one. If you and your partner have the same sleeper type, you’re in luck — you just have to find something that caters to your sleeping position. 

Side sleepers should consider something soft to cradle their pressure points, while back and stomach sleepers will sleep more comfortably on a firmer mattress that keeps their spine in neutral alignment. Combo sleepers can either choose a firmness level based on their dominant sleeping position, or go for something in the middle.

If you have a different sleeper type than your partner, which is highly likely, try to do what combo sleepers do and find something around a “medium” firmness level. They tend to be the sweet spot between supportive, but also pressure relieving. Keep in mind, there are plenty of mail order mattresses online that come with free trial periods, so you can return your bed and get 100% of your money back if you or your significant other don’t your new bed. 

2.) Make Sure It Has Good Edge Support
Another key bed characteristic a couple should look for in a mattress is good edge support. If you don’t know what edge support is — think back on a time where you were pushed to the edge of the mattress because of your bed hogging significant other. Did it feel like you were going to roll off the side, or did it feel sturdy and supportive? Hopefully it was the latter, which means the bed had good edge support. The entire perimeter of the mattress should feel supportive enough to comfortably lay on the very edge, especially if you’re looking to share a queen or full size bed.

3.) Look For A Mattress That Isolates Motion 
When a mattress has good motion isolation, you shouldn’t feel or be jolted awake every time your partner gets up in the middle of the night to sneak a late-night snack or to use the bathroom. If you share a bed with a partner, all-foam beds tend to do a better job than hybrid mattresses at isolating motion since they do not have any bounce from coils.


McKenzie Dillon is a blogger and sleep enthusiast for The Slumber Yard, a reviews site that focuses on bedding products. When she’s not sleeping, McKenzie likes attending comedy shows, hiking and cooking. 

Monday, December 09, 2019

Protecting Your Online Accounts from Credential Stuffing Threats

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

When the holidays draw near, you can be sure cyber threats are not far behind, one of them being “Credential Stuffing,” which has emerged as a leading cyber threat against your financial, retail, social media and email accounts.

“Credential Stuffing” is a method used by cybercriminals to try to gain unauthorized access to your digital accounts. By using lists of stolen user names and passwords from previous data breaches, cybercriminals randomly attempt to log into websites and social media accounts in the hopes that individuals will set up those same user names and passwords for some of their other online accounts.

This threat is real and it is on the rise. It works because many people do not follow best practices when creating login credentials.

You can minimize your risk of becoming a victim of “Credential Stuffing” by doing the following:

·       Choose different user IDs and strong passwords for your online accounts.
·       Change your passwords regularly.
·       Never reuse IDs or passwords across your online accounts.
·       Don’t use your email address as your user ID.
·       Avoid using easy, guessable passwords; try substituting special characters or numbers for certain letters.
·       Never utilize your Facebook login to access financial websites.
·       Never use the same password for your online and social media accounts.
·       Never respond to phone, email or text requests for personal or confidential information.

Source: Apple Bank

Monday, December 02, 2019

Books That Make Great Gifts for the Holidays

No matter which holiday an individual celebrates, you can never go wrong giving books as gifts.

Add the following books, which include mysteries, thrillers, suspense and all those in between to your Gift Giving List. Just click on the title, and place your order(s) now.

Killing Signs by Ernest Morris - Two lead detectives are assigned to decipher a ghastly murder case.

Hollywood Homicide by Kellye Garrett - An unemployed actress comes across a billboard seeking information on a hit-and-run murder.

Broken by Charlotte Marshall-Murray - An up-and-coming poet believes she has met her dream man who may be too good to be true.

Broken Hearted 2, Secrets Revealed by Charlotte Y. Marshall-Murray - A woman seeks retribution against a celebrity who murdered her cousin.

Avon Calling - Season One by Hayley Camille - An Avon Representative uses her an unusual gift to rid New York City of its criminal elements.

The Kilwade Tragedy by Terry Keys - A teen does something that will have dire consequences.

The Chocolate Killer by Michael Saunders - A serial killer leaves a chilling calling card inside his victims.

Kaleidoscope by Alan P. Woodruff - A lawyer comes to the defense of a friend who has been accused of financial wrongdoings.

The Nominee by Alan P. Woodruff - The son of a nominee for Deputy Assistant U.S. Attorney General is arrested, which may derail his father’s nomination.

The Justice Motive - Innocent of Murder by Christina Fletcher - A high school senior is accused of first-degree murder of the school bully.

The Truth About Gretchen by Alretha Thomas - A graduate student has nightmares about a man whom she has never met.

Illusions of Paradise by Pat McKanic - A reporter investigate a murder on an idyllic island.