Monday, December 31, 2012

My Hilarious Resolutions for 2013 by Miss Know It All

In December 2009, I posted my New Year’s Resolution, which by the way I did not keep. This time, I am posting more resolutions, which I probably will not keep either. However, I strongly believe in sharing my pledges. So if you think these promises will help you, by all means, use them. If not, pass them on to someone who really needs them.J

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2013.

Resolution No. 1 - I promise to be a needy woman and keep a man who does not give a damn about me.

Resolution No. 2 - I pledge to lend money to a man to buy himself a new car even if he has bad or no credit, is behind on his current bills or child support payments or is unemployed.

Resolution No. 3 - When I meet someone on the Internet, I will invite him to stay in my home so that we can get to know each other. It does not matter if he is America’s Most Wanted.

Resolution No. 4 - No matter what creepy warning sings a man releases, if I am attracted to him, that is all that matters. Who am I to judge?

Resolution No. 5 - If a man refuses to talk or provide information about himself, it means he is a thinker and the strong silent type, and I will accept him no matter what the outcome is.

Resolution No. 6 - If my dinner date forgets his wallet or insist on splitting the bill, I will excuse myself from the table and do a vanishing act.

Resolution No. 7 - If my significant other receives phone calls from strange women, and he tells me they are his cousins, I will accept it as the truth.

Resolution No. 8 - If I catch my significant other kissing another woman in my home, and he tells me I was dreaming the whole incident, I will accept it as the truth.


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Monday, December 24, 2012

It is That Time Again

The year is almost ending. Gee, how quickly the time flies by when you are having fun.

One World Singles Magazine Blog would like to take this time to thank you again for your continued support and for leaving great comments regarding our articles. We also want to extend our thanks to the guest bloggers, to the authors making us one of their stops on their virtual book tours and to those men and women from around the world who keep providing us with pertinent and enjoyable information for our readers.

Without your input, our Blog would cease to exist. We look forward to continue bringing you fun and informative pieces and advice on dating, romance, relationships and so much more.

Holiday Greetings to All.

Monday, December 17, 2012

How Realistic Are You When It Comes to Searching For a Romantic Relationship

When you meet someone on an online dating site, be prepared for the unexpected. Many people have unrealistic expectations regarding the type of person they wish to meet and sometimes wind up with someone completely different.

While searching for an ideal mate, there are no guarantees that you will find your prince charming or sleeping beauty. Following are some straightforward tips to help make your search for romance more rewarding.

Try to describe what qualities, attributes or characteristics you are seeking in an individual, and be specific in describing the kind of person you are interested in meeting. Include your specific preferences, values and goals and never settle for less or comprise your integrity.

Mention what type of relationship you are interested in, and be frank. Are you seeking a long or short-term relationship, a marriage-minded person, a lifetime significant other, friend or an activity partner? If you are just looking for a friend with benefits, say so. In other words, do not waste yours or the other person’s time.

Be honest and as brief or detailed as you wish about yourself. Remember the type of responses you receive may depend on the quality of information you provide in your profile.

Highlight more hidden attributes than physical features when you describe yourself. Accentuate such qualities as considerate, sensitive, compassionate, patient, confident, serious, open-minded, reasonable, and caring.

If your last relationship ended on a sour note, do not rush into another liaison. Do not be caught up in the moment and allow desire to surpass common sense. Give yourself time to figure out what went wrong before attempting your hand at romance again.

Take the time to do a thorough background check before committing yourself to anyone. Get to know that person before you become emotionally and physically involved. Forming a relationship is easy. Maintaining one is hard work but getting out of a relationship built on dishonesty can be devastating.

Monday, December 10, 2012

When Romance Does Not End Happily Ever After

You are searching for love, romance or a lifetime partner; you are happy because you have finally met the love of your life. You believe you have found true love and happiness, and you become romantically involved with that person. The relationship is going great; love has gotten a hold on you, and you are now ready to take that liaison to the next step by committing yourself to that individual, but somewhere down the road, you learn that a heartless pretender has played a cruel joke on you.

When you read romance novels, the endings are supposed to end happily ever after or blissfully for now. In the real world, these endings do not always come into fruition and can sometimes lead to a broken heart and an empty bank account.

Some folks will use love and romance as embellishments to destroy lives and leave love-stricken men and women in a state of shock, bewilderment and anger. This is what happens in Shades of Deception, Malicious Acts and Wicked Intent. These fictional short stories center on diverse men and women who in their speedy search for love, romance and bliss become the victims of appalling acts.

There are no heroes or sheroes in these tales. The characters in these anecdotes are left devastated by the people they loved and trusted with their heart and soul. Now they must rebuild their lives. The only people who live happily ever after are the villains who accomplish their sinister objectives.

If you enjoy crime stories mixed with deception, hoaxes, lust, sex, romance, scandal and revenge, then check out these books, because the next time you meet a potential mate, you will want to look at him or her with your eyes wide opened.


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Monday, December 03, 2012

Bay Area Publicist Serves Hot, Sexy, Chocolate in New Poetry Book

Triche Christmon, Author
Are you ready to be seduced with some hot sexy chocolate? Triche Christmon former publicist of Carmen Bryan (It’s No Secret: from Nas to Jay Z, The Helen of Troy of Hip-Hop) and the Author of Chocolate Notes, is excited to share Chocolate Notes with you.
Chocolate Notes is a collection of poems that was created to flow like a relationship. In the beginning, there is attraction, which leads to courting, and then the joy of falling in love. From there it is the pleasures of sex, and then, there is the dreadful breakup.
Who is Triche Christmon, you ask? She is an Oakland native. She is witty, creative, spiritual, sensual, loving, and poetic. She is a generous woman with a dynamic personality that loves to love. She is a quintessential bohemian, and a student of truth and knowledge. She is encouraging people through her book to support the "Love Movement."
The Love Movement is helping people get back to that good old fashion know that Al Green "Let's Stay Together Love"...that sitting on a porch 60 years later, I'm still in love with you love! This is her story, and she wants to share with you her experience through the journey of love and the different stages of a relationship that make up the chapters of Chocolate Notes.
Give yourself a treat. Relax into a poem; embrace the love stories, her love, her passion, and her fantasies. Most of all, when you close the book, she wants you to want more…
Book Information:

Chocolate Notes by Triche Christmon
Format: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 978-1479162000
Publication Date: October 2012
Pages: 101
Price: $19.99
Size 6X9
Genre: Poetry/Love/Erotic

Where to Buy the Book:

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