Monday, March 30, 2020

Are You a Senior Looking for Love?

You are never too old to find true love? You have probably heard it by now that the producers of The Bachelor are creating a new dating show for on the go men and women over 65 years of age searching for love. For more details, go to

Monday, March 23, 2020

Dating During the Coronavirus Crisis by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
There is so much information, false information, and crazy rumors circulating on how we should protect ourselves during this crisis. And if you are dating or searching for love either online or in person, it is pertinent that you protect yourself and others by using common sense.

One of the most important methods to protect oneself is to wash your hands well and often after using the bathroom, touching surfaces, or handling food with soap and water for 20 seconds or longer, something we should have been doing long before this outbreak surfaced. And cover your mouth when sneezing, and coughing.

Before engaging in sexual intercourse, you should know your partner’s status. You are more at risk of getting STDs or HIV/AIDS than getting the Coronavirus if you are participating in this act indiscriminately. As a doctor once said on a TV talk show during the HIV/AIDs epidemic, “If you are having sex, you are participating in high-risk behavior.” So, no matter how well you may think you know your partner, or if you are just meeting someone for the first time and can’t control those lust demons, please encourage your partner to use a condom. If he refuses to use a condom, then walk away. #

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Monday, March 16, 2020

How To Ask a Woman Out, and Succeed

Ever wonder what are some of the best ways to ask a woman out and succeed? Well, wonder no more. Find out how by clicking here

Monday, March 09, 2020

New Releases by Camryn King

An ambitious photojournalist. An uber-dedicated enforcer. And an explosive, high-profile scandal ignites Camryn King's provocative new thriller…

Breathtaking oceanfront views, friendly locals, festive meals. At first, award-winning photographer Kennedy Wade’s magazine shoot in the Bahamas is more play than work. Until she loses 48 hours of her life after flirting with a sexy stranger. Until her camera goes missing—and once back in the States, she feels certain of being watched. So when Kennedy gets an unmistakable warning to quit digging deeper, she’s not about to give up.

His instructions: confidential. His orders: stop a traitor from posting photos threatening national security. But former Special Ops agent Zeke Foster’s instincts are telling him something isn’t right with this picture. Especially as Kennedy challenges his special skills and lethal tenacity to get her life back and find the real story.

Soon she has evidence that casts everything she and Zeke thought they knew in doubt—and puts them on the same team. Nothing will stop Kennedy from exposing the truth. Not losing her career, being personally exposed, or a cost far more than she ever imagined . . .


A tenacious reporter. A billionaire philanthropist. And all-access secrets that won’t leave anyone safe fuel Camryn King’s relentless new thriller . . .

Mallory Knight knows all too well how perfect lives can be illusions. Her best friend, Leigh, seemed to have it all. But then she’s found dead. Suicide, or so they say. Mallory isn’t convinced and decides to put her investigative journalist skills to use in a whole new way.

To the rest of the world, superstar athlete Christian Graham seems perfect—he is kind, honorable, and easy on the eyes. But after discovering his name in Leigh’s journal, Mallory wonders if there are secrets behind his megawatt smile. If every generous public gesture is a lie.

Challenging the popular superstar puts Mallory’s career and reputation on the line. But she won’t back down in her pursuit of the truth—even if the cost is her job . . . or her life.


Camryn King’s sizzling debut novel delivers an intriguing tale of three resourceful women with a ruthless senator in their sights—and even more explosive ways to take him down . . .

A successful businesswoman who used to play by the rules. A cautious single mother who never took chances. A gorgeous rebel out of money and almost out of time. Each loves a man unjustly charged and convicted by former prosecutor Hammond Grey. They've tried every legal remedy to get justice—only to see Hammond climb ever higher up the political ladder and secure himself behind power and privilege . . .

So when Kim, Jayda, and Harley meet in a support group, they've got no options left. It’s time for them to launch Plan B. And they won't stop at infiltrating Hammond's elite world and uncovering mass corruption. Exploiting his deepest weakness is the ultimate delicious payback—and the kind of justice they'll gamble everything to get . . .

“A thought-provoking takedown of the $70 billion commercial-prison industry. Readers might find it’s just the right time to read about women fighting injustice—and one despicable man—together.”—Booklist


About the Author

Camryn King a.k.a. Lutishia Lovely

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Lutishia Lovely, a.k.a. Camryn King is in love with words. Her diverse career path has embraced almost every form of use imaginable: executive assistant, radio personality, actress, and that which she presently enjoys the most—writer.

She also loves to travel, having visited more than a dozen countries and forty states.

After unpacking her bags, she unwinds by attending a great show, chilling at the beach, reading a good book, or cooking vegetarian masterpieces for family and friends at home.

Monday, March 02, 2020

How Dating Terms Have Changed by Vivienne Diane Neal

I must say, “I am dating myself.” No, this is not what you think. I haven’t gone on a date since 1982. But at least I knew back then where I stood when it came to dating and romance, where people vocally said what they meant, and not beat around the bush. There was no internet or social media to fall back on when it came to starting or ending a romantic relationship. If you no longer wanted to be involved with someone, you would face that individual, communicate on the phone or write a Dear John letter.

But today, dating has taken a different route when it comes to the way people deal with dating and romance. The phrases used when referring to dating are so complex that I thought I would list some of these expressions that would make my mother, who passed away at the age of 95 in 2019 and my grandmother who passed away at the age of 90 in 1985, scratch their heads. Boy, how times have changed. I am just wondering what they would say if they were alive today. They would probably be as befuddled as I am, at age 73.

Following are some off the wall words that were created by millennials, those born between 1980-1995, which are now trending when it comes to dating and romance:

Laybe or Layby - strongly feels their relationship isn't going to last longer than rain shower and have turned to a couple of strong prospects, just to be prepared; this individual doesn’t like being single and is ready to make that leap without much hesitation.

Hang Out - has replaced the word dating, which no one says anymore. Hanging out has very little commitment and both parties can feel comfortable being together without any unrealistic romantic expectations.

Cushing - people who are already in a relationship but will flirt with others on the side just in case things don’t work out.

Breadcrumbing - a hit and miss message, a playful "hi" or "what's up" to check-in. But, it's just enough contact to lure a target into imagining the realm of a possible relationship, when in reality there's no chance.

Turning - hitting on an individual and hoping for a more intimate connection.

Slow fades - the relationship is about to end. There are very little texts, social media contacts, and little direct messages.

Ghosting - is nothing new; it means the person has done a disappearing act and you will never receive any more texts, phone calls or social media messages.

Benching - An individual may bench someone they've dated, along with a couple of others, as a way of saying, "I'm just not sure yet!"

Umfriend - another way of saying, “A friend with benefits.”

Catch and Release - is all fun and games, at least for the person doing the fishing? These people don't seem to care about the release part or the hurt feelings that may result.

 I wonder what words will be used to describe the dating scene, fifty years from now? :)