Monday, April 27, 2020

Support Your Local Businesses

Teespring™ knows many people are facing a challenging time and they want to help. That is why they have launched a new program called #LoveYourLocal to enable communities to support local businesses through merch sales.

They have dedicated an entire team to support this initiative, with 100% of profits going to business owners. All businesses are welcome to participate including gyms, barbershops, yoga studios, tattoo parlors, bars, restaurants and more!

This service is 100% free to use and there is zero risks, cost, or hassle involved. They will help businesses set up their merch store, take care of orders and customers, and offer ongoing support.

If you know a business that has been impacted by COVID-19, please share this opportunity with them.

You can direct people to the program using this link:

Please note: Businesses should sign up through this page to receive additional support. Thanks for your collaboration. 

Stay safe and take care!

Monday, April 20, 2020

Yummy Desserts are a Treat for All Occasions by Vivienne Diane Neal

I am a devotee when it comes to eating chocolate chip cookies and this is where Yummy Brothers come into the picture.

While most kids are busy playing video games on their computers or exploring sites on their smartphones, there are four brothers, all under the age of 11, running a catering company, of course, along with their parents, called Yummy Brothers, which specializes in Yummy Cookies, Yummy Beverages, Yummy Cookie Platters, and Yummy Dog Treats.

Without saying, their Chocolate Chip Cookies, which I had ordered for Valentine’s Day is to die for. This may not be the most appropriate phrase for a senior citizen like me, but these cookies are simply scrumptious, soft and chewy with lots of chocolate chips, and you won’t be able to eat just one cookie.

But hold on. I decided to order their Lemon White Chocolate Chip Cookies and they are out of this world with their soft and chewy consistency. Just like their chocolate chip cookies, you won’t be able to eat just one.

So, for more information on this innovative company and their other cookies and products sold, hurry on over to their site at

Bon Appetit

Monday, April 13, 2020

Love Online: A Singular Way to Meet Up

Online dating has been a thing for a long time. And it’s getting to be a bigger thing by the day! Studies indicate that the number of couples who meet online has nearly doubled since 2009. Online dating offers more diversity and expands your dating universe beyond your neighborhood and workplace. It’s getting easier, too. The number of dating sites has grown as more people accept online as a norm. 

With thousands of sites out there, how do you know which is the best online dating for you? All online dating services use matchmaking software to connect you with potential dating partners. Typically these services ask you to complete a survey that probes your attitudes and preferences. Sites that employ the most comprehensive surveys are—at least theoretically—better equipped to find you a suitable match. So put those extra-curious sites on the top of your list as you explore the many options.

But you have to put in some work, too. Just like in the “real” dating world, online dating can be a competitive sport! Building an online dating profile that expresses your unique personality and presents you in a positive light is absolutely essential.

Many publications and dating sites offer guidance on how to do that. Professional photographers have developed a sub-specialty in creating portraits for online dating profiles. Even old-fashioned matchmakers have expanded their services to include helping you create an attractive profile.

While many singles appreciate the range of choices online dating services offer, others prefer to narrow their scope—and increase the likelihood of finding the perfect partner—by using sites that are geared to their particular dating requirements. You’ll find sites that specialize in connecting farmers and other rural residents. Sites for cat lovers, tall people, allergy-prone daters, marijuana users, and even Trekkies. Niche marketing is alive and well in the online dating realm.

Even if you think of yourself as the consummate dater, the online dating world has its own set of rules. Some of these apply to the new etiquette of social media. How long should you wait before responding to someone who reaches out to you? Are there certain conversations you should avoid? Is it okay to break up with someone online?

But there are also important safety precautions you should take. Some amount to common sense. Use your own car or take public transit when meeting your date in person until you truly trust his or her character, for example. Other rules protect your privacy and prevent ongoing, unwanted attention from someone who just doesn’t float your boat. Don’t share too much information or give out your phone number too quickly. And while dating can often mean meeting up for a drink, stay sober. You might not always be in control of your feelings, but you should always be in control of your body.


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Monday, April 06, 2020

Great Books for Your Reading Pleasure While Stuck at Home

Still, stuck at home during the Coronavirus Occurrence? Why not take a break from the news on TV and read some page-turning books, which include mysteries, suspense, thrillers, espionage, and a touch of romance.

Just click on the link(s) and enjoy reading these narratives with some bolt from the blue endings.

Looks That Deceive (Medair Series Book 1) by Braxton DeGarmo - A nonconformist detective investigates a case involving a lawyer killed in an explosion, which is possibly connected to another lawyer who was also murdered.

Wolf Trap (Book 1) by Charles DeMaris - A Heisman winning quarterback whose future career is mired by an injury that gets drawn into a clandestine situation.

They Don’t Mind Dying: The Holland Family Saga Part One by Clever Black - Three resourceful teens form a pact that will come at a cost.

The Setup by Pamela Samuels Young - A lawyer reluctantly defends a White cop who shot a Black unarmed Heisman Trophy winner.

Unlawful Greed by Pamela Samuels Young - A popular lawyer whose life is in shambles takes drastic steps to eliminate the causes.

Deadly Reception by Karen Randau - A detective and his wife discover a male torso in a closet at a resort.

Same OL’ Song by Charlotte Marshall-Templeman - An author is approached by a stranger at her book signing event.

Killing Me Softly by Bianca Sloane - A young woman believes she has met her soul mate.

The Korean Gambit (Casey Reddick Book 2) by Charles DeMaris - An operative vacationing in Paris is hunted by two killers.

Ma’Sitter by Latoya Lawson - A single mother in debt becomes a caregiver for a wealthy couple.