Monday, October 22, 2012

I Do; Now I Do Not: The Marriage Is Over by Miss Know It All

You read and hear about it. A celebrity couple gets married, and before the ink on the marriage license is dried, the union has ended in an annulment or a divorce. Sometimes you have to ask, “Were these people playing some kind of joke, or were they just seeking publicity?” No one wants to assume that anyone, in their right mind, would spend heaps of money on a wedding ceremony and reception, just to have their names in the spotlight. Then stranger things have happened.

Marriage is the joining of two people to form a committed relationship, and no one should ever step into an agreement like this on a whim. One should always think long and hard before taking that important step. When a couple makes a vow to honor and protect, until death do you part, this is serious. However, many people seem to get amnesia when it comes to keeping these promises.

If the other half forgets to put the toilet seat down, the spouse is ready to call it quits. If a partner snores too loud, the spouse is ready to file for a divorce. Of course, there are extreme circumstances when a mate should get out of a marriage at once. If there is a hint of domestic abuse, the person neglected to divorce a former spouse, or you unknowingly marry someone who is wanted by the FBI, Interpol or Scotland Yard, then it is time to call it quits.

Getting out of a marriage can be costly and sometimes, downright malicious. However, couples can be together without the benefit of a civil or religious ceremony, and we are not talking about living together. When the going gets rough, couples can each go their separate ways, with no one getting hurt financially? There may be emotional scars, but the wounds will heal, should not cost you a penny or force you into bankruptcy.

To get that I want to get married idea out of your system, think about having a make believe or mock wedding. Invite relatives and close friends to be false witnesses. Go through the motion of saying: “I will love you for the rest of my life, until I get tired of you or until something better or worse comes along.

For your reception, invite your guests to a fast food restaurant, and for the honeymoon, go away to a movie, hold hands and kiss the night away. If an argument breaks out, and you cannot stand each other any longer, it is good riddance. Nothing lost, nothing gained.

Live together apart. Have your own pad. There will be no mix-up as to which items belong to whom; what is hers is hers, and what is his is his. Having a joint account or concealing your money in an offshore account is not necessary. Each person will have his or her own money. When the love is gone, there will be no confusion as to who should move or how to split the household items. You will not need to hire an expensive lawyer to calculate how much of a settlement or spousal support a mate should receive. Everyone leaves the bogus marriage happily ever after.

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