Monday, November 27, 2023

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Monday, November 20, 2023

12 Steps to Get Rid of Bitterness in Your Marriage | Bitterness + Resentment = Sad Marriage

Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku, International Romance Author, is back with some magnificent advice on how to get rid of bitterness in your marriage.

Enjoy. Please subscribe to her channel for more helpful advice on maintaining a healthy relationship.

Monday, November 13, 2023

Books That Make Great Holiday Gifts by Vivienne Diane Neal

With many celebrations coming soon, you are probably wondering what items you should add to your Gift Giving List. You may want to consider giving someone a book. Following are ten mysteries and thrillers that would make great holiday gifts. Just click on the title and shop until you drop. Purchase one or all ten. 

Forecast: Foul Play (The Weather Girl Mysteries Book 1) by Ashleigh Quinn - A popular meteorologist at a TV news station is accused of murdering her colleague.

Deceit and A Deathly Downpour (The Weather Girl Mysteries Book 2) by Ashleigh Quinn - The owner of a TV news station disappears when his mistress is murdered.

Autumn Abduction (The Weather Girl Mysteries Book 3) by Ashleigh Quinn - After solving and bringing the murderers of her co-workers to justice, a meteorologist moves to a small town where life is too good to be true.

Assassin Awaken - by T. L. Crater - To make the killing appear natural, an operative receives an assignment to eliminate a depraved President.

The Girl in the Blue Blazer by Alretha Thomas - A college graduate wants to be an intern at a thriving investment firm but her actual reason for wanting to work there is to wreck its CEO and founder.

Hollywood Ending by Kellye Garrett - An unemployed actress becomes an investigator after inadvertently witnessing a murder and collecting a reward.

Bet on Black (Book 3) by Alex Cage - An ex-Delta Force, traveling through Texas, unknowingly interferes with an undercover investigation and is forced to work on a secret mission or face arrest.

The Landlord by Brandon Massey - A struggling couple rents a stunning house with a disturbing rental agreement.

The Politician by Tim Sullivan - A British social media influencer is found murdered in her home, which may have been a burglary gone wrong.

Thunderland by Brandon Massey - A teen keeps having a persistent nightmare and seeing an odd message written on the bathroom mirror.

Monday, November 06, 2023


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