Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet Tori Tolbert: A Love High

Tori Tolbert, Founder of Three Words Video Matchmaking Agency

As founder and CEO of Three Words Video Matchmaking, Tori Tolbert brings flare and chemistry to the world of video matchmaking.  Love is always a requirement.

Tori Tolbert was playing matchmaker for many years.  Her initial experience with matchmaking came with her very close friends.  After much support and encouragement, Tori launched the Three Words Video Matchmaking Agency in 2011, an upscale video matchmaking service located in Austin, Texas.   However, what makes this service unique is that all members must have a video profile and updated photos on file at all times. 

Having worked as an executive and in sports management, Tori found it convenient to have a video and photo profile of all members.  This style of matchmaking provides a pre-selection process for her members.  Due to the strict confidentiality policy, videos and photos are never posted on the website.

 “While many people settle and hope they fall in love, that is not acceptable and we discourage it.”  “Our winning strategy is: knowing its love, feeling its love and accepting its love.” 
The Three Works Video Matchmaking Agency is structured much like an executive recruiting agency.   From the application process to the one on one interview, they decide if the individual fits their membership profile before being invited to join.  Unlike other matchmaking companies, their clients are professional men and women from all walks of life.  Clients retain the Three Words Video Matchmaking Agency to assist them in finding the perfect match. This is accomplished through an extensive telephone interview, a membership application and a one on one interview.  The interview requires the potential member to discuss their personal lives, goals, values, lifestyles and their idea of a perfect mate and of course love.  There is no substitute for the classic face-to-face meeting.
Contact Information:
Tori Tolbert, CEO/Founder
Three Words Video Matchmaking
(512) 763-7434 office
(512) 983-8685 cell

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