Monday, October 26, 2015

Engaging in a Secret Affair - Right or Wrong? By Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
A poster on one of the social networks, of which I am member, had asked the following question: My friend is planning a secret affair and wanted my advice. What is the best way to conduct a secret affair? Are there any good tips to avoid getting caught, like hiding text messages, apps and emails, etc? I said, “Get another secret pay as you go phone.” Do you have any other ideas?


When I read the question, I made the following comment: “Once two people participate in an affair, it's no longer a secret” and left it at that. But I was stunned by some of the comments posted, which have been paraphrased for clarity:

Your wife or girlfriend will always find out. We women just have a way of finding out about secret affairs. Now that does not mean every women will not accept her husband for having a secret affair, if she is having the same too.

The best way to keep an affair a secret is to always meet at a hotel in another city, at least 100-miles from your home. But in today’s world, with everyone using the same DAMN iPhone, it becomes very hard to keep your calls and messages a secret.

I think meeting in different places, and a secret mobile phone kept in the car. Tell nobody about it, although best friends can cover. 100 miles mean more time away; so that might not work. With an iPhone, it is best to switch off GPS. What about smelling of perfume?

Well, if she or he gets a whiff of the secret mobile phone kept in the car, then that is the ultimate giveaway.

Don't know, I’m asking how to cover your tracks.

The best way to have a secret affair is in your head! The truth always comes out, as one lie always leads to the next and bigger lie, until it all gets exposed. Since there is more technology to use, it also leaves more evidence to be discovered. When a woman wants to find out, she will... and she will pick up on the slightest bit of guilt your friend may have. Any change in his ways, she will pick up on. Women have a way to sniff stuff’s a gift.

Now mind you, I am not one to judge anyone who decides to cheat on their spouse, because what is done in the dark will sooner or later come to light, which may have dire consequences.

We would like to know what your take is on the question, and how would you answer this person if the question was put to you? Post your answers in the comment box.


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