Monday, October 06, 2014

Amazon Authors Can Now Directly Connect With Their Buyers, Thanks to Amazon List Network

What if authors could know, and directly connect with those buying their books? Until now, the one unknowable, for authors on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and other online booksellers has been: "Who's buying my books? How can I directly connect and network with them?"

Now, authors can do just that. How? the answer is clear: Amazon List Network. ALN makes it clear they are not officially associated with Amazon; iFOGO wholly owns Amazon List Network, and the and .org domains.

ALN's Mission is to make it possible for the author/buyer connection to take place, by the placement of the ALN Logo inside/on book jackets, and select book manuscript pages. The logo, placed in eBooks, is directly linked to the author's custom ALN profile/group on the Amazon List Network. Print books provide the web address where buyers may connect.

Authors are able to: Zero-in and target buyers to their Amazon (and other bookseller) presence; Invite buyers to ALN where they can interact directly, and know when an author's next book is coming. Authors may also locate buyers, and plan signings and other events in their geographical area.

Furthermore, authors may invite buyers to ALN where they can interact directly; get to know who their Amazon Buyers are, by networking with them; make them special offers, and providie information they cannot get elsewhere.

Consider the number of authors and the millions of books on Amazon. The fact is, with ALN, authors may market their entire Amazon Catalog without the clutter. It's like doubling their Amazon Catalog and more; by selling directly from Amazon, and their own ALN website.

Simply put, authors may paste their Amazon Widgets on ALN (Amazon List Network), and get their own dedicated page they design to suit themselves.

The list of advantages is endless: including blogging, posting photos, videos, forums, discussions, book-trailers, posting excerpts, private email without SPAM. and more.

Best of all, membership in ALN, Amazon List Network is completely free.

Because there is power in numbers, buyers are attracted to a network where they can connect with authors, join the author's group or circle, get previews of their coming books; exchange messages, and more —none of which they can do on Amazon, Smashwords or any other bookseller site.

While many opportunites exist to help authors improve sales, and build a following, Amazon List Network offers more than we have seen elsewhere. Facebook is not the answer, neither is Twitter or other high-profile networks. ALN is personal.

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