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Meet Joi Miner, Author of Vices

Joi Miner, Author
Vices - The debut novel by Alabama Author Joi Miner
Page Count: 320
Genre: Erotic Drama
Publisher: Nayberry Publications
Release date: October 31, 2014
Preorders available: September 24, 2014


Everyone wanted a piece of Bonnie, but no one could… until Bonnie was at peace with herself.

Fresh out of an abusive marriage, 25-year-old Bonnie Jones is on a mission to recapture the youth her ex-husband, Keith, stole from her. With her young daughter, Zion in tow, she has to rebuild her life from the ground up. She finds solace in her poetry journal, cuddling with Zi, and the ability to leave her pain on the stage at the weekly open mic poetry readings.

When she has an itch she needs scratched or longs for companionship, she has her choice of partners to help soothe her suffering. Her one condition: they don't spend the night. After Bonnie falls asleep, her demons have their way with her. Eventually, they begin to invade her waking hours and no amount of writing, sex, or time with Zion can keep her from having to face them.


Five Things to Know About Author Joi Miner

When did you know that you were destined to be a writer? I have always loved to write, but I think I realized I was meant to do more with my writing when I started to get paid to write poems for my classmates in middle school and high school. It was around that time, too, that my creative writing teacher tried to get me suspended for plagiarism, because she said my writing was too good to have been written by a high school senior. I figured that could have gone one of two ways, I could have taken it as an insult and never written again or I could have, as I did, take it as a compliment and use it as motivation. I dedicated my first poetry collection to her.

Tell us a little about Vices?  Vices is an erotic drama. The main character, Bonnie Jones, takes you along on her journey to rediscovering herself after leaving an abusive marriage. You get to see her get into some very interesting fixes, get her heart broken, and find herself massaging away the pain and case of the lonelies by entertaining the company of the opposite sex. Vices is what I like to call “autobiographical fiction.” It’s my life with a little bit extra thrown into it. It’s a very raw story, but I feel like it’s relatable. We all have been where Bonnie is or know someone who has.  It’s my first novel and was picked up for publication by Nayberry Publications. It’s set to be released on October 31st of this year, my 33rd birthday. *Gasp I just told you my age*

Now tell us something personal about you. What is your favorite color? Blue. When I was in kindergarten, they told me that pink was for girls and blue was for boys. But, I liked blue. I’ve made it my business since then to wear as much blue as possible.

Do you write full-time or do you have another profession? I wish I was a full-time writer. For the last two years, I have been employed with Sykes powered by Alpine Access as a full-time work at home Customer Care Professional. I am also a full-time English/Creative Writing student at Southern New Hampshire University Online in my Senior Year (Class of 2015. Woohoo!). As if that weren’t enough, I am Owner and Co-Founder of a small for-profit company, Poetic Advisory, LLC.

What was the best advice you have received as a writer? The best writing advice that I have ever received was to never take writing advice. Lol. Everyone is different. No one can tell you how to be your most original self. There are even debates about the basic writing techniques, so you need to find and do what works best for you.


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