Monday, July 23, 2012

How Not to be “That Guy” on an Online Dating Site

Online dating’s great…with so many different sites and so many available singles it’s nearly impossible not to make a connection. Well, impossible if you’re not That Guy. Ladies, you know who we’re talking about (and gentlemen, take notes.) There’s always one suitor on every dating site who gets avoided like the plague and the sad thing is most of them don’t even seem to realize it! Do yourself and everyone else a favor and follow these simple rules.

Don’t Be Creepy:

Yeah, it’s open ended and sure, creepiness is “subjective” and all but you know what we mean.
DON’T use cheesy pickup lines and DON’T comment on a woman’s physique right off the bat…it’s all common sense. When starting a conversation with a potential mate try to imagine she’s standing next to her mother. Does your opening line sound creepy? Then don’t use it.

Don’t Be Desperate:

It’s something every That Guy has in common: they’re desperate for love and companionship. That desperation reeks of insecurity and if we’ve learned anything from “He’s Just Not That Into You,” it’s that insecurity is the polar opposite of sexy. Be confident online – it’s cool if you cry yourself to sleep in the fetal position every night, just don’t let everyone know.

Don’t Be Pushy:

Some guys seem to think borderline harassment is not only acceptable but, we don’t know, hot? They’re wrong. It’s fine to contact a lovely lady then try once more if you don’t get a response but in the online world being ignored more than one time usually means you should move on. Remember though, there’s a difference between pushiness and persistence: if you’re getting any kind of positive feedback from your online crush feel free to try and see it through.

Don’t Be Ridiculous:

The internet is a weird place so try not to make it weirder with your online dating profile. The goal is to be the best version of yourself while giving your online dating persona broad appeal – if you take pictures of yourself covered in your pet pigeons you’re only going to attract…yeah you’re not going to attract anyone with that kind of stuff. Keep your out-there quirks off your profile but feel free to let your freak flag fly
after you’ve really made a connection. Being yourself is great, just ease into it.

There’s nothing wrong with being different – your uniqueness is part of your draw! Just remember to play it cool initially and don’t overstep your bounds; sometime the Internet can feel so anonymous you don’t act like yourself. Dating websites come with its own set of rules and boundaries and every situation has some new hurdle to manage…use your best judgment and try your hardest not to be That Guy.


This post was written by Lior who is an expert in dating websites and online manners.


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