Monday, August 23, 2010

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship by Allison Schleck

There are many times in life where you are in a fantastic relationship, almost too good to be true, and then the distance divides you. Most couples are unable to bypass the trenches of long distance relationships because they are extremely difficult. However, if your heart is in the right place, then you and your partner can survive a long distance relationship. It takes patience and hard work to make this relationship bloom, but when it does, then spring will never break.

Long distance relationships are worth the heartbreak because when you return to see each other again, you have to realize that not just any couple can live months without seeing each other and still have an amazing connection. The most important rule to live by when in a long distance relationship is making the time to always communicate with your partner. You will have to use all of your resources to keep the love flowing along. Speak on the phone, through video chats, text messages, instant messenger and through good old snail mail. Writing letters to each other are a great physical reminder that your loved one is thinking of you and taking the time out to write to you.

You may not be able to be together physically but this does not mean that you cannot have a presence there with the person you love. Sending care packages are a great way to stay connected. Make sure you send gifts that are meaningful and that will give your loved one the feeling that you are right in their room when they open up the package. Sending something sweet will remind your partner how delectable you are, something silly will remind them of your great sense of humor, spraying your perfume or cologne will remind them of how they feel when you are in their arms and something romantic to remind them of how sensual you are.

Fighting is the easiest way to put distance between the two of you. The more you fight, the more damage you do to your relationship and sometimes you cannot not bridge that gap. There are a lot of feelings including anger and frustration so it takes a great deal of self restraint to remove yourself graciously from a situation that is doomed to end in a fight. Sometimes you cannot control the distance between you and your loved one. A month of fighting is less worse than three or four or even more. Try to see each other at least every two to three weeks. You can survive more months but your relationship will truly be put to the test.

When it is time to see each other again, it should be an emotional and romantic day full of happiness. Even with months of fighting, there will still be joy that this period of distance is over. It may take a couple of days or even weeks to truly get back into synch with your partner. The more time that you spend apart, the more time it will take to adjusting to life together and bringing that physical element back to life. You can survive the distance because it isn’t the distance that will break your love, it is the lack of effort put into your relationship, just like in any relationship, that will break your bond. There are plenty of long distance couples who are thousands of miles apart that have a stronger connection than couples that live close together and see each other on a daily basis.

Allison Schleck is a featured writer for the Dating Websites. Allison is a well-accomplished bilingual writer for magazines, websites and newspapers who teaches Karate Do on her down time.

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Two Becomes One said...

I agree that it isn't how far apart you are physically, it's how connected you are emotionally. If you both put an effort toward keeping in touch, the other will appreciate it. I had a boyfriend who was out of town for 3 weeks. He went by a post office every day but never sent me one letter. It really did make me wonder if he even missed me. I always sent him a care package when I was out of town.