Monday, February 03, 2020

Things You Should Never Talk About or Do on a First Date by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
A first date is an initial meeting between two individuals, whether they have previously known each other or not. An effort is made to ask questions and get to know if they can form a relationship. The goal is to plan a loving connection, finding a romantic or sexual partner for a short time, or seeking a long-term partner or spouse.

Your first date can be a wonderful experience or it can end up being a disastrous event.  So, you want to be on your best behavior and make a good impression. This is not to say there will be a second date, but the last thing you want to do is sabotage your meeting by doing or saying something that will kill your chances of having more dates. If you want to have a date to remember, which will lead to a second, third and fourth date, there are topics you should never discuss and an act you should never do on that first date.

·       Don't ask are you seeing anyone.

·       Why did your last relationship end?

·       Do you still talk to your ex?

·       When it comes to certain topics, avoid discussing politics, and religion. It can get very intense. Reserve that when you have known the person for a longer period.

·       Never talk about how bad your ex was. You will come over as a resentful individual.

·       Leave financial information off the table.

·       If you are a parent, don't bring your children into the conversation.

·       Don't ask personal questions, namely - what is your ethnic background? For People of Color this can be a thoughtless question.

·       Don't discuss your sexual adventures. A lot could be read into this. You could be seen as someone who is just looking for a one night stand or seeking a friend with benefits.

·       Don't tell the person that you are ready to get married and have children. Wait until you have established some sort of relationship before treading into this territory.

·       Don’t text or talk on your smartphone. It’s rude.

·       Never have sex on the first date. With the surge of STDs, HIV, and AIDS, the last thing you want to do is play Russian roulette with your life.

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