Monday, February 18, 2019

When it comes to Other People’s love Life, Mind Your Own Business by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
I am addicted to soap operas. There is plenty of cheating going on that would make your head spin faster than a Spindle Top toy. It is art imitating life. When you see two characters that are not in a relationship and are supposed to be committed to someone else lip-locking, the witness will conclude a kiss is not always just a kiss. He or she will become suspicious and now it is time for that person to take action, either keeping the affair to one’s self or spilling the beans.

What I find amusing, on some of these soaps, is how friends and relatives react when someone close to them is caught deep-kissing or doing someone else’s man or woman. Or worse, the person observing the duplicity will become the judge, jury, and executioner; he or she will make a quick dash to tell the injured party what they saw and give some unsolicited advice.

In real life, many men and women cheat for reasons they can’t even understand, but if I have learned anything when it comes to other people’s love life, it is best to mind your own business. Never mind that slogan, “If you see something, say something.” That phrase applies to someone who is planning to obliterate the world. If you insist on being the bearer of bad news, you will wind up getting your feelings hurt, or the injured party may end up hating you for bringing that disloyalty to his or her attention.

Usually, the person who is being betrayed has an inkling their significant other is engaging in deceit. Some folks prefer to turn a blind eye until the treachery slaps them in the face. You can be a good listener, but if they ask for your honest opinion, say, “Follow your heart.”


Have you ever seen someone close to you cheating on their partner? If so, tell us what you did or wouldn’t do in the comment section.

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