Monday, July 23, 2018

Books That Make Great Summer Reads

Following are some stories that will make those sweltering days seem like a cool day on the beach. There is something for everyone: mysteries, crime stories, romance, legal drama, psychological thrillers, and poetry.

Enjoy your summer and happy reading.

Black Ice: The Family Bloodline by Charlotte Marshall-Murray - Nala Jordan is back with her diabolical antics.  This is the final series to Ice 1, 2 and 3.

In The Spirit of Murder  by Laura Belgrave - An unpopular woman detective lands the case of a medium who was viciously murdered on Halloween.

Halloween Jeopardy by Laura Belgrave - This short story is a prequel to In The Spirit of Murder, introducing you to the 12 year old Claudia Hershey. You don’t have to read this narrative but it will give you a better understanding as to how an incident that occurred on Halloween directed Claudia to become a police officer.

Running in Plain Sight & Other Stories by Charles R. Butts, Jr. - Touches on courage, hope, faith, forgiveness, healing, and redemption.

Burden of Proof: An Emili Jones Paralegal Mystery by Tina Glasneck - Separated from her micro-cheating husband, a woman applies for a receptionist’s job at a law firm, ends up being hired as a paralegal, but has no experience in law.

There is Sunshine After The Rain: Making it Through Life’s Struggles by Patricia A. Saunders - Engaging, informative, and inspirational tidbits that explore the author's life journey from the past to the present.

A Story of Betrayal by Michael Smith - A small town captain investigates a missing person’s case.

Bear Country and Murder by Michael Smith - A burnout city cop accepts a job as a deputy in a small Alaska town, where murder is supposedly uncommon.

A Small Town with Big Secrets by Michael Ace Smith - A family, clouded in mystery, moves from England to a small town in the USA.

Revenge is Thicker than Water by Michael Smith - A couple on vacation stumbles upon a crime scene with a missing woman’s name scrawled across the wall.

Full Circle by Michael Smith - An inspector goes after a depraved criminal who believes he can avoid getting caught.

Violence Knows No Boundaries by Michael Smith - A newly appointed sheriff is faced with solving a gruesome murder case in a rural town.

Murder in a Small Town by Michael Smith - A local girl is found mutilated in a sleepy little town in Yorkshire, England.

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