Monday, April 23, 2018

World Bride Magazine - A Distinctive Source for the Bride To Be

World Bride Magazine provides informative editorial content that seeks to motivate a “thinking outside of the box” approach that prepares a woman not just for the wedding day and the honeymoon…but for the voyage beyond. Whether this is the bride-to-be’s first, second or third trip down the aisle, each issue also provides diverse essential pearls of wis­dom that offers her advice from financial planning starting with the en­gagement and wedding dossier to blended families, living arrangements, personal spirituality, health and wellness.

The betrothed, or any woman seeking enlightenment on luxury brands and services to complement her quality of life, now has a new source. World Bride Magazine offers insight to various cultures and available resources around the world. Their goal is to present a kaleidoscope of beauty and in­formation on various brands, products and services to enhance your ex­posure to the elegant, luxurious and diverse world that exists in the brid­al industry.

World Bride Magazine is your means to a growing audience of an ever-changing cultural mix of couples walking down the aisle. They provide this audience with features and content valuably related to their diverse heritages – from the planning and preparation of the wedding to the lifestyle that follows marriage.

Published five times a year, World Bride Magazine, Nationally and globally, reaches over a total of 1.4 million aspirational women and couples with each issue through digital subscriptions, controlled and bulk.

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