Monday, January 04, 2016

She Wants to Relocate for Love?

Welcome to 2016, Leap Year, where the woman proposes to the man, traditionally on February 29. So, we thought you might enjoy helping these women who are seeking love, romance or a lifetime partner by providing them with some common sense guidance. We know that love at first sight has always been a ‘catchphrase’ that people use when cupid captures their heart. Sometimes it works, but at times those touchy feely moments fade as fast as a sun shower.

Recently, I was watching a talk show that has a segment where selected audience members can ask questions about love, romance, relationships, and dating. A 24 year old woman, with no children, asked the host should she move to a foreign country with a man she has only known for one month stressing that she was madly in love with him and the feeling was mutual. He is 14 years her senior, has 5 children, and one grandchild.

The host answered “No,” and my answer was the same, but then I decided to put forth this same question on a couple of the social networks, and some of the answers got me thinking: how many women have found themselves in this situation, decided to take that leap of faith and move halfway across the world with a man whom they have known for only a split-second and did it end happily ever after or did it end on a sour note?


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Sure, if the country is found acceptable and safe. If the relationship fails, the woman can always return to her residential home/country. I think she should take the risk. Hey, you never know; this move may be a godsend. Go for It. Enjoy! Des

But what if the guy is violent, forces her to stay in his country, and the country is not
women friendly. KF

It all depends on which country the guy lives in, and if he’s employed, or better yet, does he have his own business? This will tell you a lot about him. MM

Sure, why not. You only live once. And love and adventure are always a great life changer. But just make sure you get to know this guy quite well; run some background check on him and for sure meet with him online such as on Skype. VB

Yes, I am with you on this. MM

My advice would be for her to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of this hasty decision. And think about why she feels the need to do this without even knowing this man..... What's the rush? Is he rushing her? And if she does decide to go, DO NOT GIVE THIS MAN HER PASSPORT!! Register at the US Embassy. Provide them with family/close to kin information. She's 24 years old. At the end of the day, she can do what she wants. However, as a friend or loved one watching this, I would be very worried and would do anything in my power to stop this from happening. MC

I did. I moved from Canada to the US for my (now) husband. But get to know him first and visit several times first. We talked online for 6 years before finally meeting in person and then another 3 years long distance relationship. It's hard, but it can work. Good luck to you. JT

Don’t do it. KH

Without over analyzing it, go for a holiday. MM
What advice would you give? Please submit your answers in the comment box.

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