Monday, January 25, 2016

When Searching For That Special Someone, You Can Produce a Simple Video with Music by Vivienne Diane Neal

When it comes to meeting someone for romance, dating, marriage or friendship, a simple video clip with soft music is one way to advertise your personal details. You can hire a videographer to put together a nice clip, but it will probably cost you an arm and a leg. If you have disposal income, than go for it. However, if you are on a limited or fixed income, you may want to create your own video or have a college student majoring in film to make your video, as a class project, to fulfill his or her credits. There are many movie-making software on the market, from simple to elaborate, and your computer probably has a couple of movie making programs, namely Windows Movie Maker or Muvee Auto Producer. Both of these programs are easy to use, and you can always upgrade for more features, styles and special effects.

If you decide to produce your own personal video, make it simple. Give a brief introduction about yourself, which you think may be of interest to the viewer, such as your age, occupation, education and income level, special interests or hobbies, physical attributes or other characteristics and contact information. You want to piqué the audiences’ interest in you and not overshadow your video with long-winded talk. When putting together your video, a 30 to 60 second promo should be adequate.

Adding music to your personal clip is a big plus. However, be careful. Just because the music is in the public domain, or is free music, does not mean you have the right to use that song in your video. Purchase royalty free music to be on the safe side.

With royalty free music, you pay a one-time fee for a particular melody. You pay no extra fees. You have permission to use that music on any of your commercial motion picture productions, broadcast, cable and satellite, TV and radio commercials, trailers, and promotional DVDs. As a rule, you will have a lifetime right to use that composition. Of course, there may be other conditions for using that royalty-free tune. Some online sites may offer music for personal or commercial use. Before buying any music, read the license agreement.

Royalty-free music albums or compact discs are usually more expensive than single tracks, but single tracks can also be pricey. An alternative may be royalty-free loops, which are usually the least expensive. A music loop is a sample of streaming music. Loopsound Royalty Free Music Library offers a wide choice of music loops that will fit into any budget. Royalty Free Music offers a broad variety of music tracks, and loops, and BBM Royalty Free Music has music tracks, sound effects and flash loops.

When searching for royalty-free music, it is very important to comparison shop. The prices for these royalty-free melodies can vary from $9.95 to $99.00.  Of course, most royalty-free sites offer subscriptions that will give you access to thousands of music tracks and sound effects. Prices can start at $299.95.

Many royalty-free sites offer free music for personal, educational and non-profit undertakings. To take advantage of these services, you will have to complete and send an application form to download their free music, sound or special effects.

Once you have produced your personal video, you can upload your clip to the many video streaming and social network sites such as YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

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