Monday, April 21, 2014

Dr. Ava Cadell Announces “NeuroLoveology” Book Release

After a whirlwind exclusive speaking tour throughout Australia and India, international love guru, Dr. Ava Cadell, has released her new book “NeuroLoveology: Power to Mindful Love and Sex.” Dr. Cadell, Founder of presents her breakthrough discoveries on how to grow your romantic relationship while growing your brain cells. “NeuroLoveology” is the first work to be released from the three-book series.

Dr. Ava Cadell’s “NeuroLoveology,” is published by Premier Digital Publishing and sells for $14.95 in print and $9.99 in digital format. The subject matter explores how the brain processes attraction, relationship conflicts and sexual intimacy. “NeuroLoveology” introduces new ways to make your environment love-friendly, so that your mind and body are ready, willing and able to give and receive love. “NeuroLoveology” also features an eWorkbook that is available for digital download for $3.99.

"By becoming more fully aware of what your brain is doing, you set the foundation for an even greater romantic life because what used to be stumbling blocks can now be transformed to building blocks,” states Dr. Ava Cadell. “I’m going to share how to make love and intimacy a priority in your life with NeuroLoveology and provide lots of techniques that will help you to overcome daily distractions that prevent you from connecting to your partner intimately."

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