Monday, November 11, 2013

If You Are In A Sticky Relationship By Miss Know It All

Miss Know It  All
Recently, I was watching a popular daytime talk show. There is a segment where a member of the audience can ask the host a question about dating, love, and relationships.

A young woman got up and asked a question regarding her mate. She has been living with this man for five years and emphasized he was a great man, good-looking, everything you would want in a mate. The subject of marriage came up, but there was a problem: The sex was not that great.

Why anyone would expose something so personal on national TV is unbelievable. If the sex was not satisfactory and is the most important part of the relationship, she should have talk about it with her mate, right from the start and not five years later.

Maybe things were okay until the word marriage came up. You can imagine how the man felt when he saw this event on his television. Better yet, think of the humiliation he would face on the job or the chitchat from friends or family members.

Sex between two people is an intimate act. If there is a problem, it is not something you want to share with millions of viewers. You should be discussing this with your mate behind closed doors and certainly before the word marriage pops up.

The host did say, and I am paraphrasing, “Maybe you can teach him or explain how you want him to please you.”

My question is, “What took this woman so long to realize that the sparks were not there in the bedroom? If it took five years for her to see the light, becoming a teacher now is probably too late. The genie is already out of the bottle.”


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Flirty & Feisty Romance said...

Speaking about sex being 'bad' on TV is her way of hurting and badmouthing a relationship gone sour.

Unfortunately, washing her dirty linen in public also robs the dirt all over her face and life!

Make your relationship work or pack it up.

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