Monday, December 10, 2012

When Romance Does Not End Happily Ever After

You are searching for love, romance or a lifetime partner; you are happy because you have finally met the love of your life. You believe you have found true love and happiness, and you become romantically involved with that person. The relationship is going great; love has gotten a hold on you, and you are now ready to take that liaison to the next step by committing yourself to that individual, but somewhere down the road, you learn that a heartless pretender has played a cruel joke on you.

When you read romance novels, the endings are supposed to end happily ever after or blissfully for now. In the real world, these endings do not always come into fruition and can sometimes lead to a broken heart and an empty bank account.

Some folks will use love and romance as embellishments to destroy lives and leave love-stricken men and women in a state of shock, bewilderment and anger. This is what happens in Shades of Deception, Malicious Acts and Wicked Intent. These fictional short stories center on diverse men and women who in their speedy search for love, romance and bliss become the victims of appalling acts.

There are no heroes or sheroes in these tales. The characters in these anecdotes are left devastated by the people they loved and trusted with their heart and soul. Now they must rebuild their lives. The only people who live happily ever after are the villains who accomplish their sinister objectives.

If you enjoy crime stories mixed with deception, hoaxes, lust, sex, romance, scandal and revenge, then check out these books, because the next time you meet a potential mate, you will want to look at him or her with your eyes wide opened.


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