Monday, December 03, 2012

Bay Area Publicist Serves Hot, Sexy, Chocolate in New Poetry Book

Triche Christmon, Author
Are you ready to be seduced with some hot sexy chocolate? Triche Christmon former publicist of Carmen Bryan (It’s No Secret: from Nas to Jay Z, The Helen of Troy of Hip-Hop) and the Author of Chocolate Notes, is excited to share Chocolate Notes with you.
Chocolate Notes is a collection of poems that was created to flow like a relationship. In the beginning, there is attraction, which leads to courting, and then the joy of falling in love. From there it is the pleasures of sex, and then, there is the dreadful breakup.
Who is Triche Christmon, you ask? She is an Oakland native. She is witty, creative, spiritual, sensual, loving, and poetic. She is a generous woman with a dynamic personality that loves to love. She is a quintessential bohemian, and a student of truth and knowledge. She is encouraging people through her book to support the "Love Movement."
The Love Movement is helping people get back to that good old fashion know that Al Green "Let's Stay Together Love"...that sitting on a porch 60 years later, I'm still in love with you love! This is her story, and she wants to share with you her experience through the journey of love and the different stages of a relationship that make up the chapters of Chocolate Notes.
Give yourself a treat. Relax into a poem; embrace the love stories, her love, her passion, and her fantasies. Most of all, when you close the book, she wants you to want more…
Book Information:

Chocolate Notes by Triche Christmon
Format: Perfect Bound
ISBN: 978-1479162000
Publication Date: October 2012
Pages: 101
Price: $19.99
Size 6X9
Genre: Poetry/Love/Erotic

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