Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Don’ts For The First Date

There are always lists of what to do on your first date but never what not to do. There are many things to cover on your first date and you want to make sure that it goes well for both parties. For a successful and fun first date be sure that you avoid these 7 don’ts:

Don’t go to the movies: Planning the first date to contain dinner and movie may be the easiest planning option but don’t do it. Not only is it cliché to head to the movies but it’s uncomfortable. The purpose of a first date is to talk, have fun and get to know each other; you can’t do that in a dark and quiet movie theater.

Don’t pick up: Always offer to meet your date at the date location. Sharing one’s home address before getting to know each other isn’t always the wisest thing. Once both parties are comfortable with each other and sharing personal information, offer to pick up or get picked up on the second date.

Don’t drink too much: Depending on your alcohol tolerance and duration time of your date, limit yourself to two or three drinks. Getting tipsy or drunk on the first date is a great way not to land a second date. Plus your inhibitions are lowered and you may make decisions you don’t want too.

Don’t mention your ex: There are some things your date doesn’t need to know on your first date like your ex or your last tragic date. Keep these kinds of conversations for later dates when both parties are headed towards commitment.

Don’t touch: Some people tend to be over touchy when they are nervous or excited. For example, lots of touching of the shoulders, hands and arms. Keep your hands to yourself to prevent the other person feeling violated.

Don’t chew with your mouth open: Table manners are best when used on the first date. Watch your elbows, use your napkin, say thank you and chew with your mouth closed. One of the top reasons second dates never get planned is because the other party had bad table manners. Now sit up straight.

Don’t overdress/underdress: Men sometimes underdress and women tend to overdress. To help you prepare your wardrobe for the date, do your research. Find out where you are going before hand and either call to find the dress code or visit their website to get an idea what is appropriate.

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