Monday, September 03, 2012

How To Online Date For Beginners

Your friends and family have finally convinced you to log on, sign up and create a dating profile. It’s okay we have all been there before. Online dating is simple and fun once you master a few of the do’s and don’ts.

Use a legit site: There are many different online dating sites that offer ‘free services’ for their members. Be wary of these kind of sites because of hidden fees and the kind of ‘love’ people are looking for on these sites. Using a well-known site that requires a fee weeds out those who are not serious about finding a relationship via online.

Be honest: When it comes to creating your online dating profile and answering questions that will help match you to your potential mate, be honest. Don’t kid yourself and answer truthfully, don’t hold back. Also when it comes to things like your body measurements and dislikes/likes are honest. No one wants a surprise when meeting for the first. Skip using dated photos and use current pictures.

Talk beforehand: Once you are matched, try emailing a few times and talking on the phone before setting a date. You want to make sure that your chemistry is there once you meet face to face. Some people can read differently online, so be sure to pick up that phone and talk. With that said don’t discount someone because it was an awkward first phone call, give it a time or two. Everyone is nervous in this process.

Frist date: When planning a first date, keep it fun and short. Plan to drive separately and meet at the location of your choice. A fun first date would be something like a wine tasting, one on two cooking class, miniature golf or just for drinks. Allowing for a shorter first date will come in handy if either of you are feeling uncomfortable. Avoid dates that are too serious or don’t allow you to be yourself.

Safety first: Never give out your home or work address (or any personal information) before or on the first date. Opt to meet your date for the first date or two until you get comfortable. Plan first dates in public places and always tell friends and family where and when your date is and who are with.

Online dating can be fun if you are prepared for what happens next. Chances of you meeting someone pretty special are high. Be patient and don’t get discouraged if you keep finding yourself on first dates only. Be yourself and have fun, happy dating!


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