Monday, August 22, 2011

Do Men and Women Really Think Differently When It Comes to Romance by Miss Know It All

Did you know that females have 40% more connective brain tissue than males? Whether this has anything to do with their way of thinking when it comes to romance, we cannot say for sure.

However, men and women look for different substances in each other.

What a woman looks for in men is sensitivity, sincerity, intimacy, romance, communication, commitment, respect and steady income.

What a man looks for in a woman is looks, femininity, and a woman who makes a man feel needed and a woman who enjoys sex.

Do you believe men and women think differently when it comes to romance? If so, please tell us by adding your view in our comment box.


LoraHouse said...
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Fiona Vacation said...

Women are from Venus, men from Mars.It is proofed that we think completely different way.They don't even need romance!


Scent of Eros said...

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Scent of Eros said...

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