Monday, November 01, 2010

Telltale Signs of a Cheating Spouse by Miss Know It All

Whenever a spouse is cheating, that individual will always send out signals or may say something that might not mean very much at the time, especially if he or she is caught in a compromising situation. Because you believe your relationship is built on trust, you will give your mate the benefit of the doubt. Too often, the signs of cheating are so obvious that a bat could read between the lines, and the explanations given are so ludicrous that they defy logic. One would have to ask, “Does this person really think that I am stuck on stupid?” Yet, many will continue to ignore the ‘in your face’ warnings. Eventually, a spouse will have to face reality and ask, “Is there infidelity going on in our marriage?” Although unfaithfulness occurs on both sides, we are focusing mainly on cheating husbands who have used some of the most dumbfounded excuses to mask their betrayal:

“Honey, I am going fishing with my buddies this weekend.” Ordinarily that might not be a problem, but why would he choose to go fishing on the day of your birthday or worse on your wedding anniversary. Some individuals might say, “Give the guy a break; most men have a temporary lapse of memory when it comes to important dates.” However, if a woman never forgets, why would a man fail to remember such an important day?

You find condoms in the glove compartment of your husband’s car. You and your mate never use condoms. His explanation is that the condoms belong to his male friend, and he is just holding them as a favor. The question to ask, “Would a woman carry her friend’s diaphragm or cervical cap as an act of kindness.”

You find a pair of panties in the back seat of your husband’s car; he tells you they are your gift for Valentine’s Day. The problem is, the panties are a size 5, but you wear a size 16. In addition, nowhere on the label does it indicate that one size five fits all.

Your husband is served with child support papers and you never knew he had an offspring. His response is, “We were separated during that period, but you were still legally married.

You find a shoebox hidden in the basement. In that box are risqué photos of him posing nude with another woman. You confront him, and his response is, “That is not me baby.” You say, “It is you.” He says, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” When he makes that remark, he has a great big grin on his face.

It is late at night, and you wake up to noises coming from the living room. You go down stairs to check and catch your husband doing a horizontal dance with a strange woman. He looks up and says, “Honey, it is just a dream. Go back to sleep.”

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