Monday, June 10, 2024

Thrillers, Mysteries, Suspense and all In Between That Make Great Summer Reads


Just click on the title that interests you. Enjoy reading.

Politics Thieves & Bullets: A Leroy Silver Adventure by Alex Cage - An ex-military assassin for the government, now a security expert, is assigned to check a new site that works with various law enforcement agencies until he is asked to check the security of a small bank.

Goodfellowe House (a 1920s Historical Mystery Book 1) by Persia Walker - A woman who was supposed to pick up a sick friend from the hospital disappeared in 1923 with very little concern from the police or the mainstream media. Still, three years later, a popular society columnist begins to look closer at the missing woman’s past.


The War Back Home by Alex Cage - Back from combat in Iran, an ex-military combatant faces a precarious battle at home.


Laws of Depravity (Martyr Maker Book 1) by Eriq LaSalle - A recent murder of a priest in New York City may be linked to killings going back thirty years.


Exodus from Treachery by Gwen Richardson - A reporter investigates a secret organization that selects candidates they can control for political office.


The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris - A Black editor assistant attempts to create more diversity in a book publishing company, which becomes a problem when she gets her wish.


The Wife Inside by Winter K. Willis - A social media fitness influencer breaks up with her deceitful fiancé but her life is about to become a living nightmare when she accepts an undertaking from a successful businesswoman.


Raelee Scattering (Audiobook) by Sydney Arrison (Narrated by Makeda Grant) - A defense investigator sets out to prove her client is innocent of committing a murder.  E-Book


Joey’s Girl by SolsirĂ© E. Felida - A man who has found bona fide love will face some ominous state of affairs when an ex returns.


Lincoln’s Touch (Book 1) by Michael R. Pope - A bequest left by a dead president will face obstacles when it is discovered that a fraction of the will must be left to an African American or a Native American before the descendants take control of any of it.

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