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Information That Should Never Be Included on Your Dating Profile

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Regarding dating profiles, it's important to maintain a level of discretion and protect your personal information. Here are some examples of information that should never be included on dating profiles:

Personal addresses: Sharing your home or work address can jeopardize your safety and privacy.

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Your child’s images: Never include your child’s photo in your dating profile.

Social Security number or financial information: Never provide sensitive financial details like your Social Security number, bank account information, or credit card details.

Intimate or explicit photographs: Avoid posting explicit or intimate photographs on dating profiles; these pictures can be misused or exploited. 


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Passwords or login credentials: Never share your passwords, credentials, or confidential account information.


Personal identification numbers (PINs): Don't disclose any personal identification numbers, such as your PIN for banking or other sensitive accounts.


Family member details: Avoid mentioning specific details about your family members, especially their names, addresses, or contact information.


Workplace information: Refrain from sharing detailed information about your workplace, including the company name, address, or other sensitive details.


Personal conflicts or legal issues: It's best to keep your dating profile free from any references to personal conflicts, ongoing legal matters, or past criminal activities.

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Exact daily routine: Avoid mentioning your exact daily routine, including information about where you work, where you usually go after work, or any other regular patterns that could potentially compromise your safety.


Medical or health conditions: Keep any personal medical or health conditions private until you develop a deeper level of trust with someone.


Remember, the goal is to protect your personal safety, privacy, and security when using dating platforms. It's always better to err on the side of caution and share personal information gradually as you get to know someone better in a safe and secure environment. ■

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