Monday, October 03, 2022

Great Authors Who Bring You the Best in Mysteries, Thrillers, and Suspense Stories

Click on the title, order, and add your selection(s) to your reading list. Enjoy.



The Patient (A DS Cross Thriller) by Tim Sullivan - A detective approaches a dogged woman who claims her daughter was murdered and not the victim of a suicide or an accidental drug overdose.


Decisive by David Hickson - Sudden events sidetrack a military specialist, pretending to be a businessperson, sent to West Africa to assassinate a terrorist.


The Company You Keep (A Kendra Clayton Mystery) by Angela Henry - A woman about to breakup with her boyfriend discovers he has been bludgeoned to death.


Girl of Flesh and Metal by Alicia Ellis - A teen’s arm, destroyed in a car accident, is replaced with a robotic limb created by her parent’s company, which she sees as a disturbing conglomerate.


Spiraling by K. M. Simmons - Two New York City detectives probe the vanishing of Black women and girls, linked only by race and a cryptic note.


May It Please The Court (Daniel Mendoza Thrillers’ Book One) by Daniel Maldonado - A severely injured mother sues a chic hotel after alleging she fell down their poorly lit stairs, leading to suspicion.


Kings of the Castle by Naleghna Kai, S. L. Jennings, ET AL - A humanitarian society known as The Castle helps women in dangerous situations.


The Exes by Brandon Massey - A soon-to-be-released ex-wife is planning the ultimate reprisal against her ex-husband.

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