Monday, April 04, 2022

Ten Spellbinding Books to Read with Bombshell Endings by Vivienne Diane Neal


Who loves to read a book with an ending that will shock you to the core? I do. Following are ten stories written by some of our favorite authors that will do just that, have you reeling at the end. Just click on the link, buy a book and start reading these delightful mysteries, suspense, and thrillers.


Hostage News (Book 2) by Nadia Siddiqui - A police officer uses her negotiating skills at a domestic disturbance.


Aloha & Bullets by Alex Cage - While on vacation in Hawaii, an ex-government agent and his friend encounter dangerous criminals.


Hidden No More by Karen Kandau - A private investigator witnesses the murder of a senator’s wife and her supposedly lover.


No Stone Unturned by Brandon Massey - A successful owner of a real estate company discovers he has an adult daughter but has no idea who the mother is.


Easy Money by Pamela Samuels Young - Two law partners from the opposite end of the spectrum engage in unethical schemes.


Delia’s Decision by Debbie Mumford - A retired military investigator has to ponder what her next job will be.


Bullet Fist Gunn by Alex Cage - A relentless restaurant owner seeks the help of a martial arts instructor to be her bodyguard.


Mirror of Lies (A Jessica Smith Series Book l) by Ava S. King - A journalist learns that her best friend died under mysterious circumstances.


My City by Jason T. Seals - A recent graduate of Harvard Law School returns to his hometown for a job interview at a prestigious law firm but ends up facing an unpleasant incident.


Equal Verdicts by Antonne Jones - Based on a true story about a mass murder that occurred on December 28, 2000, in Philadelphia, PA.

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