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The Best Romantic Honeymoon Destinations in the United States

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Your wedding day is almost here. Where you go on your honeymoon will depend on your budget and preferences. When planning your honeymoon, sit down and determine where you both would like to go. Doing something you both take pleasure in will turn an ordinary escape into a memorable journey.


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There are many destinations where you can go for an enjoyable honeymoon. Some destinations are tropical and private, while others will put you close to cultural and historical sites. 

Following are some of the most romantic cities that couples visit:


Aspen, Colorado - This small town in Colorado offers a variety of lodges where couples can retreat to and enjoy time cuddling by the fire, go skiing, or sit back and enjoy the view.


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Charleston, South Carolina - Enjoy a romantic honeymoon complete with tons of Southern charm when visiting Charleston. Couples can enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides and romantic walks on the cobblestone streets.


Kauai, Hawaii - Kauai caters to couples looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway. This area of Hawaii offers luxury resorts with views of the bright sunsets, dark sands, and aquamarine waves.


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Key West, Florida - You can watch the sunrise and sunset over the waters surrounding the Florida Keys. Key West takes you to a place where time stands still, especially when you are enjoying your time kicking back at the beach.


Lake Tahoe, California - Begin your new life together by enjoying the beautiful landscapes surrounding Lake Tahoe. The clear waters among the mountains create the perfect backdrop for a romantic honeymoon.


Maui, Hawaii - Maui offers couples a chance to play in the sands and enjoy tropical resorts. There are plenty of opportunities to surf, enjoy an authentic luau, or hike through Haleakala.

Nantucket, Massachusetts - Spend your first few days as husband and wife enjoying the waters of Nantucket during the day and sipping on locally crafted wine at night. This area offers a chance for couples to relax and spend time doing many different activities, including bike riding along the water, sailing, antique shopping, and dining in some of the area’s finest restaurants.


Napa Valley, California - This region offers couples a chance to spend their honeymoon exploring vineyards while sampling a variety of wines created throughout the Napa Valley area. There are many opportunities to go golfing or relax at one of the area‘s many spas.


Savannah, Georgia - If you are looking to take things slow after the hustle and bustle of your wedding, Savannah may be the honeymoon destination for you. The atmosphere in Savannah is laid-back, making it the perfect place to take things slow. The moss-canopied trails make it possible for couples to enjoy quiet strolls together.

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