Monday, August 03, 2015

No Sex Is Safe Sex T-Shirt Campaign by Vivienne Diane Neal

As a Home Economics Consultant, I conducted in-service workshops, showing caregivers who were caring for people living with HIV/AIDS how to apply nutrition to maintain optimum health. But I also stressed the importance of protecting oneself when it comes to having sex.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a global epidemic but it’s an issue that is not talked about or publicized enough in the media. And yet, not a week goes by that you don’t read on social media or hear about someone, primarily teenage girls and young adult women being exposed to or infected with HIV, which can lead to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) by someone they trusted and loved.

When it comes to sex, many people will not reveal their status. Many people are HIV positive but don’t know it. Others know it, but won’t say a word, thus putting their partner’s health and life at risk. The mission of this T-shirt is to educate men and women that it is their responsibility to protect themselves. For teens, abstinence is the preferred choice, but as we know not everyone will abstain from having sex. Being faced with many internal and external factors, refraining from sex until marriage can be a challenge for most teens.

Engaging in sex is a high risk behavior, whether you use protection or not. Unfortunately, many people are still having unprotected sex, with people they hardly know or don’t know, exposing them and others to not only HIV/AIDS but other STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Each individual has to be his or her own advocate. If you choose to have sex, both of you should get tested first, at the same time and at the same health facility and share your results with each other. From this point on, you both can choose to engage in a monogamous and committed relationship.

If your potential partner refuses to get tested, go your separate ways. Always put yourself first and never take for granted that the person you’re with is HIV/AIDS/STD negative.

As a doctor once said on a TV talk show, “No Sex Is Safe Sex,” which can be interpreted two ways: Not having sex is safe sex, and there is no such thing as safe sex if you having sex with one or numerous partners. It is hope that this message on a T-Shirt will help educate and make one think before engaging in sex, no matter the person’s age, gender, color, religion or ethnicity, because we are all at risk at getting HIV/AIDS.

This Blog reaches singles and couples of all colors, ages (18+) religions, ethnicities and lifestyles. It is hope that each visitor will help spread the word by purchasing our No Sex Is Safe Sex T-shirt here

At the present time, orders can only be shipped to the USA.

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