Monday, March 02, 2015

The Pitfalls That Can Lead to Infidelity by Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
Human beings are not perfect. Everyone has flaws and makes mistakes. Some oversights are minor, while others can be devastating. Depending on the seriousness of the blunder, a simple apology may suffice. However, when infidelity occurs in a marriage, the damage done can be more demoralizing because the trust is now broken. Only the person hurt or affected by the indiscretion, and the unfaithful spouse will have to work out the difficulties on their own terms.   

Many prominent and not so famous married men and women face enticements all the time. Some will frivolously put themselves in compromising positions, without giving it a second thought and will end up becoming sitting ducks by individuals who will set the trap, bide their time, and exploit those misconducts.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls which can lead to adultery, the first rule of thumb is to honor your vows. Surround yourself with people who will always watch your back and steer you on the right path. Not everyone who laughs or smiles in your face, pats you on the back or shakes your hand is a friend or means you well. A true friend(s) will never encourage you to participate in precarious actions that would put you, your spouse or family in an embarrassing situation. As a married person, try limiting your social activities with your single friends who frequent nightclubs, bars or casinos. Misery loves company. If you are alone, know when to leave the party; you do not have to be the last person standing at social events.

Do not share any intimate details with anyone other than your spouse. If you do, the particulars will no longer be confidential. All it takes is for an argument, a misunderstanding, envy or jealousy to rear its ugly head, and everything you have said or done in concealment might eventually become tomorrow’s headlines on social media. If you feel the urge to have an affair, nip it in the butt, be upfront and talk it over with your partner. When a spouse conducts a clandestine affair using text messaging, email or a cell phone, that person is definitely begging to be caught in the act.

Finally, if being faithful is not your cup of tea, then do yourself a big favor: Don’t Get Married! When you play outside of your marriage, you may end up paying dearly. Keep in mind, adultery is illegal in twenty-six states.

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