Monday, January 26, 2015

Add More Passion with Your Significant Other on Valentine’s Day

Following are some sites, videos and books that will help you and your mate add more excitement to your love life on Valentine’s Day.


Flirty and Feisty Romance Blog - Offers romance novels, articles, and inspirational quotes to help spice up your love life.


Four Seasons - A delightful romance comedy with a profound message.

Outsourced - A contemporary feel-good movie that takes a humorous look at cross-cultural clash and romance. The film takes a festive look at characters who are trying to bridge the cultural divide between America and India.

Short Stories:

Café Mocha by Vivienne Diane Neal - A sensual romance story, centering on a woman who decides to change her way of thinking when it comes to meeting men.

Meet Me Under The Lavender Sky by Sydney Arrison - If you think you have to travel to a far away destination for a romantic rendezvous, think again.

Sunset in Alabama by Shani Greene-Dowdell - In these pages some of some of the author’s memories, feelings, lessons and events pour out in poetry and short articles. While some of the writings in this book are simply observations or thoughts, many of the emotions spawn from the author's experiences.


Curvy Girlz Lingerie - For the woman with voluptuous curves and the guys who love them.


Angie’s Caribbean Black Cake - A scrumptious substitute to chocolates.

Angie’s Caribbean Miniature Cakes - Another mouth-watering alternative to chocolates.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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