Monday, February 02, 2015

Special thanks to Mr. Emiliano Pérez was Selecting My Short Story

For his thesis, Mr. Emiliano Pérez selected my short story, “Serenity on Fire” which is one of five short stories from the book “Malicious Acts.” Mr. Pérez is enrolled in his last year of English-Spanish Translation at Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Facultad de Lenguas, in Argentina and considered my story as a potential translation from English into Spanish for the project. I am happy to announce that his presentation on the short story was a big success. A lot of people attended and they loved it. Many of the attendees wanted to read my story. Only part of the story was translated into Spanish.

I am grateful that he selected my short story for his proposal, and I wish him every success in his endeavors.

If you would like to have your book or stories translated into Spanish, you can contact Mr. Emiliano Pérez at

Malicious Acts, a collection of five fictional short stories, focuses on several characters that will stop at nothing to get what they want. If it means disguising themselves as benevolent individuals and destroying lives along the way, they are up for the thrill. They will use money, romance, lust, sex, greed, deceit, and revenge as preludes to suck unsuspecting people out of their life’s savings.

Serenity on Fire centers on the character Serenity Jones, a freelance illustrator, who was leaving a Christmas party. Due to an unexpected blizzard, she decided to take a cab; most were off duty, and some unoccupied cabs passed her by. As she headed for the bus stop, a driver honked his horn, got her attention and stopped. When she got into his cab, her ride would become a nightmare on treachery road.

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