Monday, August 11, 2014

Ending a Bad Relationship Online By Miss Know It All

Miss Know It All
The digital world has its place, but when it comes to dating and romance, which may eventually lead to a nasty break up, what you post on-line or in a text messaging application may have a detrimental effect on future employment, entrance into college or your chances of finding a soul mate.

For many reasons, a lot of people put all of their personal business on the Internet without giving it a second thought, no matter who ends up getting hurt. It is a good idea to keep delicate details about why you ended your relationship with an ex off social media, public forms, chat rooms and blogs.

Whatever bad issues you had with a past lover should never be posted on the Internet. No matter how angry you are, discuss your feelings in private. Talk to the person face to face, or discuss your reasoning for ending the relationship on the telephone or write a letter and send it by snail mail, which may be a lost art among many of today’s young people. But never expose what went wrong or what went on between you and your ex in the bedroom on any social media. Forget about listing all of your ex’s unrewarding sexual performances. It’s over; put a period behind it and move on.

Even if the post is anonymous, chances are your friends will have a good idea who you are maligning. And you may also open yourself up to a defamation suit.

Airing your dirty laundry among friends, behind lock doors, is no different from airing your grievances on the Internet. The only difference is that the chitchat you post on the World Wide Web will remain there forever.

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