Monday, March 17, 2014

Questions You Should Never Ask On Your First Date by Miss Know It All

Dating can be defined as a social engagement between two people, which often has a romantic character. When you go out on a date, you would most likely know something about the person, but if you meet someone online, you really know nothing about this individual, except for what you read in their personal profile.  If you decide to go out with that unfamiliar person, there are certain questions you should avoid asking until you have dated that individual for a while, have gotten to know that man or woman and believe your rapport with this person will develop into something special.

If you are seeking a lifetime partner, think before you start to bombard the person with personal inquiries. Unless you want to scare your date away, never ask the following questions or engage in certain conversations, which may result in an uncomfortable outcome:

How much money do you make?
Tell me something about your family.
How many children would you like to have?
Are your parents still married?
Don’t ask anything about past relationships.
Avoid talking about politics, religion.

Try to listen and direct the dialogue in a comfortable manner, so that the person talks about him or herself. People enjoy those who listen. By paying attention, you may not have to ask a horde of inquiries. You could ask what type of movies the person enjoys, the music they love to listen to or what hobbies he or she enjoy doing in their spare time.

Dating does not necessarily mean you are going to marry that person or become romantically involved after your first, second or third get-together. It just means you are going through a getting to know you stage, which may or may not lead to a happily ever after ending.

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Flirty & Feisty Romance said...

You're so on the money. Asking personal questions about number of children on a first date, suggests 'marry me now'. That's scary for a date who isn't thinking along that line.

Excellent post!