Monday, October 21, 2013

New Harmony Children’s Book Series Explores Issue of Multi-racial Families

Newly launched The Adventures of Harmony children’s book series, written by author Edward Rea with illustrations by famed Dora the Explorer cartoon illustrator Curt Wallstead, explores the issue of growing up in a multi-racial household.

The first book of the series introduces Harmony and her diverse family reflecting the racial diversity that exists in many children’s lives in their homes, at their schools and in their communities. Readers have the opportunity to follow Harmony as she explores different parts of the world and learns those essential human elements that connect us all.

“I was inspired to create this book series by observing my community and noticing that multi-racial families are a reality for a large number of families in the US and are grossly underrepresented in children’s literature.,” said author Edward Rea. “I want to provide something for children that reflects their reality and the changing face of America.”

About Harmony

Harmony is a young multiracial little girl with 2 loving parents just trying to fit in the world. She may look different that a lot of boys and girls but on the inside she is just the same. She is a little girl full of wonder and adventure; she loves to explore the world learning all about people, places and things. She travels all across the globe introducing children to new cultures teaching inclusion and cohesiveness.

The first book in the series is available for purchase at

Harmony's World

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Flirty & Feisty Romance said...

I like the sound of this book. You're absolutely spot on about multiracial aspects of life being generally under-represented in children's books.

Well done.