Monday, September 30, 2013

Miss Know It All Answers Your Questions

Miss Know It All

Does Speed dating work? If yes, how much to pay?

I have never used a speed dating service. Whether speed dating is right for you or not, is a decision, you will have to make. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages to joining this type of service. The question to ask, are you looking for someone to date on a casual basis, seeking a long-term relationship or marriage? The right price is what you are willing to pay. Good luck in finding that special someone.

Do social sites really protect privacy?

I always say, “There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to the World Wide Web.” When you submit information about yourself, it is there for the whole world to see. Remember, no matter how secure you think a site might be, there is always someone monitoring your details, and you would not be the wiser. If you are worrying about privacy, do not go on the Internet.


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