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Women, Are You a Mystery to Your Man? By Cherokee Billie

In my many years as a spiritual advisor I have noticed a reoccurring theme with women. They want to love and give all of themselves to the man that they love; the problem is giving all of you leaves no mystery for the man.

Men are attracted to mysterious women. Perhaps you have observed a woman that is not particularly beautiful, but she always has men attracted to her and wanting to be with her. Why? She has learned the art of being a mystery. She does not give every detail of her life to the man that she meets. She does not drop everything the moment he calls just for him. If he does not show up for a date, she does not give him a second chance. When they ask her questions, she is able to turn that question back to the man. Therefore she never clearly answers. This drives men crazy.

Men always want what they cannot have and that is the lesson you need to learn here and now – if you want to change your dating life around. It is just natural for men to want to know everything about a woman, that is just their curiosity, and they will quiz a woman over and over wanting details of her life. Learn a different way to answer. Here are some examples of how to do it

A good example of a woman who remained mysterious always was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. No one ever truly understood her. In an interview they asked her what she had to say about her life and her reply was, “Interesting.” She always had a smile when being photographed even if she was telling off the photographer who was taking the picture. She said, “They will never capture me completely no matter how they try.” All of her life Jacqueline attracted men from her early teenage years up to the time of her death. One look at her face and you knew that you could not penetrate to the inner core of this woman. She understood the art of attracting man.

There was an actress named Mae West who understood men better than most women ever will and she was not the most gorgeous woman on earth and was slightly overweight, yet, she had men coming and going constantly in her life. The reason was she always had an air of mystery about her and never fully answered a question. If she did answer a question it was usually with a sarcastic joke. Such as the following, “I like two kinds of men: domestic and imported.” She always had a smile as she answered these witty retorts. She drove men crazy. In fact in her movies, which she personally wrote in the early 1930’s, the censorship was so enormous that they created a new code of censorship for movies. (This censorship does not exist today.) Now that is the type of woman you have got to admire!

The women that I have counseled and have taken this advice to heart have had a significant change in their relationships with men. Many women I give this advice to just cannot find a way to do this and like a hamster on a wheel they keep going around and around with the same problems in relationships.

Become a mystery and see your relationships with men improve dramatically!

If you would like personal instructions on how to change your relationships Contact Me, Cherokee Billie, and let us work together to make you a mystery!

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